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Pink Floyd - (1980) Is There Anybody there (Live) hipis@freenet.de00
The Cranberries - (1994) No Need To Argue *mp3* High Quality101
Pink Floyd - Pulse *MP#3* high Quality01
Apocalyptica - Reflections (2003) *MP3@VBR* High Quality131
Fear Factory - Demanufacture *Mp3VBR*01
Limp Bizkit - Unquestionable Truth00
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes - hipis@freenet.de11
Papa Roach - Getting Away With The Murder *MP3VBR*Very High95
Papa Roach - Love Hate Tragedy *MP3VBR* VERY High Quality00
ZZ Top - First Album (1970) *mp3* CD Quality00
Honor - To Survive For Victory Vol I (1999)*mp3* high quality00
ZZ Top - Rio Grande Mud 1972 *mp3* CD Quality00
Lime Wire Pro
ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (1973) *mp3* CD Quality00
Eric Clapton - Unplugged (1992)00
ZZ Top - Fandango (1975) *mp3* CD Quality hipis@freenet.de00
Honor - To Survive For Victory Vol II (1999) *mp3* high quality00
Graveland - Graveland & Honor *mp3* VBR High Quality02
Drowning Pool - Desinsitized (2003) *mp3* Quality = More Than Good134
Honor - The Fire Of The Last Battle (Unknown Year) Quality = Very High00
Konkwista 88 - (Demo) Konkwista02
Low Down - Alone (2003) *MP3@128* Quality = Normal00
Machine Head - Throught The Ashes Of Empires (2004) High Quality83
Machine Head - The Burning Red (1999) *MP3@VBR* High Quality15
Machine Head - The More Things Change (1997) *MP3@128* Quality = Normal02
Machine Head - Supercharger (2001) *MP3@128 - 192* High Quality00
Sepultura - Bestial Devastation (1985) *MP3@128* Quality = Normal02
Sepultura - Against (1998) *MP3@VBR* High Quality01
Paradise Lost - As I Die (1992) hipis@freenet.de00
Rammstein - Herzleid (1995) Quality High00
Nailbomb - Point Blank (1994) High Quality - hipis@freenet.de34
Clint Mansell - (2000) Requiem For A Dream OST674
(1996) Hangok00
(2003) Vater05
(2006) Gott ist ein Popstar05
(1996) Opium Fürs Volk02
(1988) Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau00
(2006) GlaubeLiebeTod01
Nailbomb - (1995) Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide01
Ratos De Porao - (1991) Anarkophobia [192Kbps][HQ]00
Dry Kill Logic - The Darker Side Of Nonsense (2001) *mp3@256*31

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