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Nightwish - Boxset 1 2CD (2003) [EAC/VBR]00
Nightwish - Boxset 2 2CD (2003) [EAC/VBR]00
Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet [EAC-LAME-VBR]00
Faith Hill - There You'll Be The Very Best Of (Australian Import)00
Led Zeppelin - Early & Latter Days Volume 1 & 2 [EAC-LAME-VBR]00
Motley Crue - Music To Crash Your Car To Vol1 [EAC-LAME-VBR]00
Anthrax - The Universal Masters Collection [EAC/LAME/VBR]00
The Scorpion King OST00
Alone In The Dark OST 2005 [VBR]00
Rush - 2112 (1976) [EAC/LAME/VBR]00
Nightwish - Boxset 3 2CD (2003) [EAC/VBR]00
Stone Temple Pilots - Purple (1994) [EAC/LAME/VBR]00
Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent (!975) [EAC/LAME/VBR]00
School Of Rock OST [VBR]00
The Smashing Pumpkins - Zero [EAC/LAME/VBR]00
Deep Purple - Burn (30th Anniversary Edition) [VBR]61
George Strait - For The Last Time (Live At The Astrodome)00
Tool - Undertow (High-Quality OGG)00
A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms (High Quality OGG)00
Nightwish - Once (OGG Vorbis + Video!)03
Nightwish - Boxset 1 2CD (NEW TRACKER) [EAC/VBR]11
Lifehouse - No Name Face (EAC/LAME/VBR)00
Nine Inch Nails - The Line Begins To Blur (Leaked)01
Alice In Chains Discography (10 albums - EAC/VBR)112
LeAnn Rimes - Greatest Hits00
Godsmack Discography (4 albums - LAME/VBR)00
Montgomery Gentry - You Do Your Thing 2CD (LAME/VBR)00
George Strait - Carrying Your Love With Me (LAME/VBR)00
George Strait - The Road Less Traveled (LAME/VBR)01
Santana - Supernatural (HQ-OGG Vorbis)00
311 - Greatest Hits (LAME/VBR)293
Poison - Greatest Hits 1986-1996 (High Quality OGG Vorbis)00
Korn - Discography (320k)00
Matchbox20 - Yourself Or Someone Like You (LAME/VBR)00
Matchbox20 - More Than You Think You Are (LAME/VBR)00
Slipknot - Iowa (320K)00
Keith Urban - Golden Road (2002)00
Diamond Rio - Completely00
Matchbox20 - Mad Season (Ogg Vorbis)00
George Strait - Strait Out Of The Box (Boxset)03
Faith Hill - Faith (2001)00
Faith Hill - It Matters To Me (192K)00
George Strait - The Millenium Collection (192K)00
Kenny Chesney - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems (VBR)00
Steve Miller Band - Young Hearts (Complete Greatest Hits) (VBR)184
Faith Hill - Cry (192K/2002)00
Lonestar - Greatest Hits (192K)117
Keith Urban - In The Ranch (192K)00
George Strait - George Strait (VBR)00
George Strait - Chill Of An Early Fall (192K)00
Joe Diffie - A Night To Remember (256K)00
Jamie O'Neal - Shiver (192K)00
Nightwish - Bestwishes (NEW Best-Of CD)52
Keith Urban - Keith Urban (192K)00
Jimmy Buffett - Barometer Soup (VBR)00
Shania Twain - Up (Green Album - VBR)00
George Strait - Love Collection (2005/VBR)01
Grateful Dead - The Very Best Of (OGG-Remastered)2710
Nine Inch Nails - Woodstock 1994 (OGG/VBR)00
Nine Inch Nails - The Purest Feeling (OGG/VBR)01
Nine Inch Nails - The Purest Feeling 2 (OGG/VBR)00
Shania Twain - Up! (Red Album/VBR)74
Johnny Cash - Unearthed (Boxset) [OGG/VBR]57
The Doors - Legacy - The Very Best Of (OGG/VBR)00
Jimmy Buffett - Songs You Know By Heart (VBR)03
Dokken - The Very Best Of (OGG/VBR)00

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