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/OTR - Paul Harvey - 'UNKNOWN'.mp31.12 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - (3 Christmas Stories).mp32.94 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - 1980-12-13 - John Lennon & The Beatles.mp33.44 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - About Firemen (2001-09-15).mp31.32 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - about Teachers 8Sept2001.mp3973.80 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Alternating Current.mp31.73 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Anti-Depression Technology.mp3394.80 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Aron The Usher.mp31.69 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Atilla The Hun.mp31.02 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Broadcast from Savannah WSG Radio (Nov 63).mp34.19 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Clay And The Timber Wolf.mp31.28 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Cy Young Losingest Pitcher.mp31.05 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Discovery Of Vaccination.mp31.06 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Gail.mp31.70 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Golfer Bill and Son.mp31.04 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Good Medical News 10July2004.mp31.39 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Horse Crazy.mp31.03 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - I Am Amway.mp3971.17 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - It's A Wonderful Life.mp31.05 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - John The Church Organist.mp31.29 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Johnny Couldn't Read.mp30.99 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Judge With The Evil Eye.mp31.64 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Law School Dropout.mp31.25 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Legend of the Dogwood Tree April 1999.mp3486.82 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Letter From God.MP32.42 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Letter to President Bush - 7November2003.mp31.18 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Lord Nelson's Secret.mp31.03 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Marijuana.mp31.67 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Mark McGwire.mp30.99 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Officer Bob and the Maternity Case.mp31.26 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Peter's Bad Heart.mp31.28 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Poodle Nightie.mp3642.09 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Protecting the Ex-President.mp31.04 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Quack Quack.mp3571.00 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Search For A Name.mp31.68 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - September 11th, 2001 - NY WTC Muslim Attacks.mp33.99 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - September 12th, 2001 - The Day After New York WTC Muslim Attacks.mp33.43 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - September 13th, 2001 - 2 Days After WTC Muslim Attacks.mp32.80 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Shell Shock.mp31.03 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Synthetic Fuels Act.mp31.03 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - That's a Doosie.mp31.62 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The 4-D's of American Education - 15May2004.mp3436.94 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Actor on Death Row.mp31.30 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Automatic Dishwasher.mp3881.25 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Big Bomb.mp31.26 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Bong.mp3493.55 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Dirtiest Book In The World.mp31.29 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Distinguished Dr Dodgeson.mp31.25 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Doctor Who Made House Calls.mp31.53 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Elvis Impersonator.mp31.52 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The First Human Being Ever Photographed.mp31.28 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The First Thanksgiving.mp31.24 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Gardner.mp31.07 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Lone Eagle.mp31.04 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Man & The Birds 1999-12-25.mp31.29 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Master Cheff.mp31.27 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Offer No One Dared Refuse.mp31.29 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Painting Nobody Wanted.mp31.29 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Rest of the Story - Thomas Edison.mp31.76 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Starving Time.mp31.35 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - The Uncommon Man.mp34.84 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Titanic.mp31.12 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - Troublemaker Ned.mp31.74 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - What Are Fathers Made Of.mp31.25 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey - What Is A Policeman.mp3746.11 KB
/OTR - Paul Harvey jr - Felix the Fire Fighter.mp31.09 MB
/OTR - Paul Harvey Personals.mp3953.78 KB
/otr.jpg20.80 KB
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