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302.91 MB (317,628,270 bytes)
2007-06-27 02:17:14 - 356 weeks 4 days 6 hours 18 minutes ago
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tomrjim (Karma: 2)
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141 files
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/Album cover of - glen miller as gi.jpg9.11 KB
/Album cover of - Glenn Miller4.jpg10.71 KB
/Biography of - Glenn Miller Orch.doc35.00 KB
/Glenn Miller & Army Air Force Band - OVER THERE.wma1.47 MB
/Glenn Miller - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square.mp33.37 MB
/Glenn Miller - Ain't Cha Comin' Out.mp32.46 MB
/Glenn Miller - Anchors Away (Jazz version).mp33.12 MB
/Glenn Miller - Anvil Chorus 1 And 2.mp34.53 MB
/Glenn Miller - At Last 1942.mp32.85 MB
/Glenn Miller - Auld Lang Syne.mp32.32 MB
/Glenn Miller - Back To Back.mp32.30 MB
/Glenn Miller - Be Happy.mp31.73 MB
/Glenn Miller - BEGIN THE BEGUINE.wma1.17 MB
/Glenn Miller - BLUEBERRY HILL.wma1.04 MB
/Glenn Miller - Bugle Call Rag.mp32.41 MB
/Glenn Miller - Careless 1940.mp32.86 MB
/Glenn Miller - CHATANOGA CHO CHO-ver2.wma1.27 MB
/Glenn Miller - Chatanooga Cho cho-ver1.wma1.29 MB
/Glenn Miller - CHEROKEE.wma1.23 MB
/Glenn Miller - Community Swing.mp32.57 MB
/Glenn Miller - Devil May Care.mp32.84 MB
/Glenn Miller - Dippermouth Blues.mp32.26 MB
/Glenn Miller - Doin' The Jive.mp32.78 MB
/Glenn Miller - Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (w Modernaires, Marian Hutton & Tex Beneke).mp32.93 MB
/Glenn Miller - Elmers Tune.mp32.94 MB
/Glenn Miller - Flight Of The Bumblebee.wma758.75 KB
/Glenn Miller - Frenesi.mp33.18 MB
/Glenn Miller - Glen Island Special.mp32.76 MB
/Glenn Miller - Habanera.mp31.77 MB
/Glenn Miller - HALLELUJA.mp33.25 MB
/Glenn Miller - I GOT A GAL IN KALAMAZOO.wma3.01 MB
/Glenn Miller - I Got Rythm.mp32.80 MB
/Glenn Miller - I Know Why.mp32.75 MB
/Glenn Miller - I Love You Much Too Much.mp32.91 MB
/Glenn Miller - I've Got Rhythm.wma1.33 MB
/Glenn Miller - Imagination.mp32.61 MB
/Glenn Miller - In the Mood.mp33.30 MB
/Glenn Miller - Indian love call.wma1.15 MB
/Glenn Miller - INDIAN SUMMER.wma1.21 MB
/Glenn Miller - It Happened In Sun Valley.mp32.71 MB
/Glenn Miller - Ive A Got A Gal In Kalamazoo (Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke and The Modernaires, vocals).mp32.99 MB
/Glenn Miller - Jersey Bounce.wma1.10 MB
/Glenn Miller - Johnson Rag.mp32.61 MB
/Glenn Miller - Juke Box Saturday Night (Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke and The Modernaires, vocals).mp32.85 MB
/Glenn Miller - LETS DANCE.wma891.14 KB
/Glenn Miller - love love love 1944(rare).mp3697.32 KB
/Glenn Miller - Make Believe Ballroom.mp31.99 MB
/Glenn Miller - Missouri Waltz.mp32.84 MB
/glenn miller - MOON LOVE 1939.mp32.74 MB
/Glenn Miller - MOONLIGHT COCKTAILS-ver1.wma1.29 MB
/Glenn Miller - MOONLIGHT COCKTAILS-ver2.wma1.57 MB
/Glenn Miller - MOONLIGHT SERENADE-fast ver.wma1.24 MB
/Glenn Miller - MOONLIGHT SERENADE-slow ver.wma1.07 MB
/Glenn Miller - MY BLUE HEAVEN.wma615.40 KB
/Glenn Miller - My Last Goodbye.mp32.77 MB
/Glenn Miller - My Prayer.mp33.01 MB
/Glenn Miller - My Reverie (1939).mp32.37 MB
/Glenn Miller - Navy Fight.wma1.23 MB
/Glenn Miller - Oh Evening Star.mp31.97 MB
/Glenn Miller - Oh! What You Said.mp32.62 MB
/Glenn Miller - Oh, What A Beautiful Morning.mp33.91 MB
/Glenn Miller - Peanut Vendor.wma1.14 MB
/Glenn Miller - Peg O My Heart.mp31.99 MB
/Glenn Miller - Pennslyvania 6-5000.wma1.15 MB
/Glenn Miller - Petite Fleure.mp32.60 MB
/Glenn Miller - Polevetsian Dances (Stranger in Paradise).mp31.92 MB
/Glenn Miller - Say It.mp32.46 MB
/Glenn Miller - SENTIMENTAL OVER YOU.wma1.57 MB
/Glenn Miller - SERENADE IN BLUE.wma838.21 KB
/Glenn Miller - Silhouetted In The Moonlight.mp32.62 MB
/Glenn Miller - Silver Threads Among The Gold.mp31.27 MB
/Glenn Miller - Sleepy Town Train.mp33.06 MB
/Glenn Miller - Slip Horn Jive.mp32.91 MB
/Glenn Miller - Sold American.mp32.70 MB
/Glenn Miller - SONG OF INDIA (First ver).wma1.05 MB
/Glenn Miller - Speak Low.mp32.71 MB
/Glenn Miller - Speaking Of Heaven.mp33.04 MB
/Glenn Miller - Stairway to the Stars.mp32.66 MB
/Glenn Miller - String of Pearls.wma1.01 MB
/Glenn Miller - Sweet Stranger.mp32.27 MB
/Glenn Miller - THE A TRAIN.wma1.14 MB
/Glenn Miller - The Call Of The Canyon.mp33.10 MB
/Glenn Miller - The Lady's In Love With You.mp32.78 MB
/Glenn Miller - The Man With The Mandolin.mp32.83 MB
/Glenn Miller - The Story Of A Starry Night.mp33.22 MB
/Glenn Miller - theme song.wma956.65 KB
/Glenn Miller - This Is The Army Mr. Jones.mp32.92 MB
/Glenn Miller - Time On My Hands.mp32.49 MB
/Glenn Miller - Träumerei.mp32.46 MB
/Glenn Miller - We Can Live On Love.mp32.48 MB
/Glenn Miller - Why'd Ya Make Me Fall In Love.mp32.13 MB
/Glenn Miller - Wishing (Will Make It So).mp32.64 MB
/Glenn Miller - Woodchopper's Ball.mp33.07 MB
/Glenn Miller - Yes My Darling Daughter.mp32.27 MB
/Glenn Miller - You and I 1941.mp32.36 MB
/Glenn Miller - YOU'RE MY SWEETHEART.wma1.15 MB
/Glenn Miller(Tex Beneke) - DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS.mp31.06 MB
/Glenn Miller, (Tex Beneke) - A gal in Calico 1947.mp31.63 MB
/Glenn Miller, (Tex Beneke) - Chattanooga Choo Choo (1941).mp33.20 MB
/Glenn Miller, (Tex Beneke) - Cherokee Canyon.mp32.27 MB
/Glenn Miller, (Tex Beneke) - Give Me Five Minutes More.mp32.31 MB
/Glenn Miller, (Tex Beneke) - Hey Ba-Ba-R 1946.mp32.78 MB
/Glenn Miller, (Tex Beneke) - Pennies from Heaven.mp32.54 MB
/Glenn Miller, (Tex Beneke) - SONG OF INDIA-late ver.wma1.06 MB
/Glenn Miller, Dinah Shore - All I Do Is Dream of You.mp32.06 MB
/Glenn Miller, Dinah Shore - It takes a long long train.mp31.37 MB
/Glenn Miller, Dinah Shore - Stardust.mp31.09 MB
/Glenn Miller, Jimmie Lunceford, Artie Shaw - SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES.mp33.01 MB
/Glenn Miller, Johnny Desmond - Long Ago And Far Away 1944 (In German).mp33.51 MB
/Glenn Miller, Kay Starr - Baby me 1939.mp32.17 MB
/Glenn Miller, Martha Tilton - Once In Awhile.mp32.46 MB
/Glenn Miller, Martha Tilton - Please Be Kind.mp33.07 MB
/Glenn Miller, Martha Tilton - Sing For Your Supper.mp32.64 MB
/Glenn Miller, Martha Tilton - Thanks For The Memory.mp32.96 MB
/Glenn Miller, Martha Tilton - This Can't Be Love.mp32.58 MB
/Glenn Miller, Martha Tilton - What A Little Moonlight Can Do.mp33.26 MB
/Glenn Miller, Ray Eberle - A Handful of Stars (1943).MP32.81 MB
/Glenn Miller, Ray Eberle - She'll Always Remember (1942).mp33.15 MB
/Glenn Miller, Ray Eberly - After All.mp32.50 MB
/Glenn Miller, Ray Eberly - Indian SummerINCOMPLETE.mp32.43 MB
/Glenn Miller, Ray Eberly - On A Little Street In Singapore.mp32.70 MB
/Glenn Miller, Ray Eberly - The Call of the Canyon.mp33.10 MB
/Glenn Miller, Ray McKinley - Cow Cow Boogie 1944.mp32.22 MB
/Glenn Miller, The Andrew Sisters - DONKEY SERENADE 1940.mp32.76 MB
/Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey - Night and Day.mp32.30 MB
/Glenn Miller, Tony Pastor - Dance With A Dolly 1944.mp32.08 MB
/Glenn Millers AAF Band with The Crew Chiefs - Put Your Arms Around Me Honey.mp31.24 MB
/Glenn Millers Army-Airforce Band - The Music Stopped.mp3682.66 KB
/GORDON JENKINS - Caravan.mp32.10 MB
/Gordon Jenkins - I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Any More 1949.mp32.61 MB
/Gordon Jenkins - Maybe You'll Be There 1948.mp33.03 MB
/Gordon Jenkins, Tune Weavers - So Long, It's Been Good to Know You.mp32.43 MB
/Gordon Mc Rae - BELOVED.wma1.20 MB
/Gordon Mc Rae, Jo Stafford - My darling,my darling (1949).mp31.19 MB
/Grandma's Boys - I'M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES.wma962.90 KB
/Gravel Girdy-FRANK DOOLY1945.wma336.54 KB
/Hank Snow - Song of India [Instrumental].mp3808.00 KB
/Hank Thompson - Whoa Sailor 1946.mp31.93 MB
/Harry Owens - HAWAII.wma678.72 KB
/Hawkshaw Hawkins - I'll Never Cry Over You (1946).mp32.32 MB
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