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2005-02-08 21:06:24 - 480 weeks 4 days 14 hours 5 minutes ago
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            ллл                                                         ллл     
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 ллл   лллллл    ллл          лллллл     ллл  ллллллл   ллл     ллл  ллл   ллл  
 ллл   ллллл     ллл           лллллл   лллл  лл  лллл  лллл   лллл  ллл   ллл  
 ллл  лллллл    лллл     ллл  лл ллллл ллллл ллл   ллл  ллллл ллллл лллл  ллл   
ллллллл лллл   ллллл     лллллл   лллллл ллллллл   лллл  лллллл лллллллл  лл    
         лл                                         ллл                  лл     
                                                     ллл  Presents...   лл      
                                                      лллл             лл       

              Various Artists

Artist...............: Various Artists
Album................: Garden State
Genre................: Soundtrack
Source...............: NMR
Year.................: 2004
Ripper...............: NMR
Codec................: LAME 3.90
Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality..............: VBR, (avg. bitrate: 191kbps)
Channels.............: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags.................: ID3 v1.1
Included.............: NFO, SFV
Covers...............: Front 


01. (02:16) Coldplay - Don't Panic
02. (03:18) The Shins - Caring Is Creepy
03. (04:31) Zero 7 - In The Waiting
04. (03:49) The Shins - New Slang
05. (05:17) Colin Hay - I Just Don't Think I'll Ever G
06. (04:17) Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes
07. (03:53) Remy Zero - Fair
08. (04:48) Nick Drake - One Of These Things First
09. (04:45) Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde
10. (03:57) Simon And Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy In New Yor
11. (04:10) Iron And Wine - Such Great Heights
12. (04:11) Frou Frou - Let Go
13. (03:27) Bonnie Somerville - Winding Road

Playing Time.........: 52:44
Total Size...........: 71.26 MB

NFO generated on.....: 2/2/2005 5:49:01 PM

The soundtrack to Zach Braff's Garden State is nearly as much of a piece with 
the film as the similarly sweet, quirky combinations of sound and vision in Wes 
Anderson's films and soundtracks. Garden State, however, is more modern in 
its outlook and more emotionally direct, with a mixtape earnestness belied by 
using not one but two songs from the Shins' Oh, Inverted World. "New Slang" 
is an obvious choice, as the song just seems to grow in stature as time 
passes, but "Caring Is Creepy," Oh, Inverted World's vulnerable, 
ever-so-slightly unhinged opening track, is not, and adds to the personal, 
diary-like feel of the album. The bright poignancy of the Shins' tracks stands 
out even more among the low-key melancholy of songs like Coldplay's "Don't 
Panic," Remy Zero's "Fair," and Colin Hay's "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get 
Over You." The inclusion of Hay's track, Bonnie Somerville's "Winding Road," 
and the Cary Brothers' "Blue Eyes" shows that Garden State doesn't go for 
the hipster, too-cool-for-school poses that one might expect from the 
soundtrack of a hot indie movie, even with the inclusion of Iron & Wine's 
cover of the Postal Service's "Such Great Heights." Still, there's something of 
a collegiate feel to the soundtrack, especially with the re-rediscovery of Nick 
Drake ("One of These Things First") and Simon & Garfunkel ("The Only Living 
Boy in New York") as well as the tentative forays into electronica and trip-hop 
like Zero 7's "In the Waiting Line," Frou Frou's "Let Go," and Thievery 
Corporation's "Lebanese Blonde." Perhaps this collegiate feel comes from the 
fact that those years are often the time when many people are the most 
ready and willing to explore music that is new to them (but not necessarily 
new), but, as the success of Garden State's soundtrack shows, any time can 
be the right time. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide

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