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2008-09-21 01:05:57 - 291 weeks 3 days 9 hours 57 minutes ago
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/- BOLEGA & DARKSEED - CREATE YOUR OWN CHESS EBOOKS/- Bolega - SkanKromsator 5.91.rar4.21 MB
/- BOLEGA & DARKSEED - CREATE YOUR OWN CHESS EBOOKS/- Darkseed - How to Make Ebooks for Dummies.pdf8.95 MB
/- About this release.txt9.89 KB
/Martin Weteschnik - Understanding Chess Tactics.djvu4.47 MB
/Matthew Sadler - Queen's Gambit Declined (single pages).pdf7.99 MB
/Matthew Sadler - Tips for Young Players.pdf7.61 MB
/Max Euwe & Walter Meiden - El Camino hacia la Maestria (Spanish).pdf6.99 MB
/Max Euwe - Feldherrenkunst im Schach (German).pdf19.28 MB
/Maxim Blokh - The Art of Combination (multilanguage).djvu8.64 MB
/Michael de la Maza - Rapid Chess Improvement - A Study Plan for Adult Players (new scan).pdf7.68 MB
/Miguel Czerniak - El Final (Spanish).djvu3.54 MB
/Miguel Czerniak - El Final (Spanish).pdf17.90 MB
/Mihai Suba - Dynamic Chess Strategy (single pages).pdf2.75 MB
/Mikhail Botvinnik & Yakov Estrin - Gruenfeld-Verteidigung (German).djvu4.95 MB
/Mikhail Golubev - Easy Guide to the Dragon.pdf6.69 MB
/Mikhail Golubev - The Sicilian Sozin - Subtleties of this Aggressive System for White.pdf14.48 MB
/Mikhail Gurevich - E97 - King's Indian Defence.pdf8.60 MB
/Mikhail Shereshevsky - The Soviet Chess Conveyor (small size).djvu5.39 MB
/N. Yakovlev - Lessons in Chess Tactics (2008, Russian).djvu6.38 MB
/N. Zelepukin - Dictionary of Chess Composition (1982, Russian).djvu6.88 MB
/Neil McDonald - Chess - The Art of Logical Thinking.pdf13.62 MB
/Neil McDonald - Chess Success - Planning after the Opening.pdf11.59 MB
/Neil McDonald - Concise Chess Middlegames.pdf26.78 MB
/Neil McDonald - Starting Out - Queen's Gambit Declined.djvu1.24 MB
/Neil McDonald - The King's Gambit - A Modern View of a Swashbuckling Opening.djvu1.57 MB
/Nigel Davies - Play 1.e4 e5! - A Complete Repertoire for Black in the Open Games.pdf2.67 MB
/Nigel Davies - The Power Chess Program - A UniqueTraining Course (single pages).pdf24.72 MB
/Nikolai Shumilin - Chess Tactics Training (1964, Russian).djvu7.20 MB
/Ocho x Ocho Chess Magazine 1988-02 (Spanish).djvu1.45 MB
/Ocho x Ocho Chess Magazine 1988-03 (Spanish).djvu1.45 MB
/Ocho x Ocho Chess Magazine 1992-04 (Spanish).djvu4.32 MB
/Ocho x Ocho Chess Magazine 1996-12 (Spanish).pdf2.16 MB
/Ocho x Ocho Chess Magazine 1998-09 (Spanish).djvu1.15 MB
/Pablo Moran - Los Campeonatos del Mundo de Steinitz a Alekhine (Spanish).djvu6.55 MB
/Paul Keres & Alexander Kotov - The Art of the Middle Game (single pages).pdf7.67 MB
/Paul Keres & Alexander Kotov - The Art of the Middle Game (smaller size).pdf3.43 MB
/Paul Keres - Theorie der Schacheroeffnungen I - Offene Spiele (German).djvu6.30 MB
/Paul Keres - Theorie der Schacheroeffnungen II - Offene Spiele (German).djvu5.11 MB
/Paul Keres - Theorie der Schacheroeffnungen III - Franzoesische Verteidigung (German).djvu4.53 MB
/Pedro Cherta - Defensa Siciliana, Variante Paulsen (Spanish, single pages).djvu3.19 MB
/Peter Tomcsanyi - The Ponziani Opening.djvu2.96 MB
/Peter Wells - Grandmaster Secrets - The Caro-Kann.djvu13.57 MB
/R. G. Wade & Kevin J. O'Connell (eds.) - The Games of Robert J. Fischer (single pages).djvu4.89 MB
/R. Gazizov - Elements of Positional Play (2002, Russian).djvu6.84 MB
/R. Kofman - Chess Composition 1974-76 (1979, Russian).djvu6.76 MB
/R. Kofman - Selected Chess Problems by Sam Loyd (1960, Russian).djvu3.01 MB
/R. Palliser, G. Flear, C. Ward - Dangerous Weapons - The Queen's Gambit.djvu8.36 MB
/R. Palliser, G. Flear, C. Ward - Dangerous Weapons - The Queen's Gambit.pdf10.95 MB
/Raymond Keene & Byron Jacobs - The Complete King's Indian.djvu3.20 MB
/Raymond Keene & Byron Jacobs - The Complete King's Indian.pdf6.78 MB
/Raymond Keene & Dominic Lawson - Kasparov-Korchnoi 1983 (single pages).djvu1.53 MB
/Raymond Keene - Winning with the Nimzo-Indian.pdf7.93 MB
/Raymond Smullyan - The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes.pdf4.08 MB
/Reuben Fine - The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings (algebraic, single pages).djvu2.29 MB
/Richard Palliser - Starting Out - Closed Sicilian (small size).pdf3.51 MB
/Richard Palliser - Starting Out - Closed Sicilian.djvu1.78 MB
/Richard Palliser - Starting Out - Closed Sicilian.pdf11.07 MB
/Richard Palliser - The Bb5 Sicilian - Detailed Coverage of a Thoroughly Modern System.djvu3.74 MB
/Richard Palliser - The Bb5 Sicilian - Detailed Coverage of a Thoroughly Modern System.pdf13.59 MB
/Richard Reti - El Gambito de la Dama (Ajedrez Americano - Spanish).pdf306.44 KB
/Richard Reti - Los Grandes Maestros del Tablero (Spanish).djvu10.96 MB
/Roberto Grau - Tratado General de Ajedrez I - Rudimentos (Spanish).pdf18.94 MB
/Roberto Grau - Tratado General de Ajedrez II - Estrategia (Spanish).pdf6.14 MB
/Roberto Grau - Tratado General de Ajedrez III - Conformacion de Peones (Spanish).pdf4.71 MB
/Roberto Montaruli - Difesa Siciliana (Italian).pdf1.38 MB
/Roman Khaetsky & L. Muchnik - Endgame Studies (2008, Russian).djvu3.04 MB
/Routledge Chess Handbooks 2 - Owen Hindle - Further Steps in Chess.pdf4.84 MB
/Routledge Chess Handbooks 3 - W. H. Cozens - Lessons in Chess Strategy.pdf4.07 MB
/Rudolf Teschner - Sie sind am Zug - 300 Schachkombinationen (German).djvu3.97 MB
/Ruslan Sherbakov & Yuri Yakovich - WCC Candidate Matches 2007.pdf1.09 MB
/Sam Collins - Chess Explained - The c3 Sicilian.pdf8.22 MB
/Sam Palatnik & Mark Ishee - The Tarrasch Formula.pdf35.53 MB
/Samuel Reshevsky - The Art of Positional Play (single pages).djvu2.80 MB
/Samuel Reshevsky - The Art of Positional Play (single pages).pdf75.56 MB
/Selby Anderson - Center Counter Defense - The Portuguese Variation.pdf5.42 MB
/Sergiu Lupu - Cours de Strategie (training lessons, French).pdf1.06 MB
/Shaun Talbut - An Introduction to Chess.pdf4.96 MB
/Simon Williams - Improve Your Attacking Chess (single pages).pdf5.79 MB
/Steffen Pedersen - The Main Line French - 3.Nc3.djvu4.58 MB
/Sunil Weeramantry & Ed Eusebi - Best Lessons of a Chess Coach (single pages).pdf5.40 MB
/Susan Polgar & Paul Truong - Chess Tactics for Champions.pdf24.85 MB
/Tchekhov, Arkhipov, Komlyakov - Training Program for IV- II Category Players (2007, Russian).djvu8.56 MB
/Theodor Schuster - Neue Schacheroeffnungen (German).djvu3.57 MB
/Tibor Karolyi & Nick Aplin - Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov.pdf28.82 MB
/Tiger Hillarp Persson - Tiger's Modern.djvu5.13 MB
/Tim Harding & P. R. Markland - The Sicilian Richter-Rauzer.pdf4.27 MB
/Tim Harding - Colle, London and Blackmar-Diemer Systems (single pages).pdf13.59 MB
/Torrent downloaded from KB
/V. A. Korolikov & V. Chekhover - Selected Studies by A. A. Troitzky (1959, Russian).djvu4.53 MB
/V. Chepizhny - Chess Compositions 1977-1982 (1983, Russian).djvu11.69 MB
/V. Konotop & S. Konotop - Tactical Tests (2003, Russian).djvu3.81 MB
/V. Konotop & S. Konotop - Tactical Tests for 2nd Category Players (2007, Russian).djvu6.95 MB
/V. Konotop & S. Konotop - Tactical Tests for 3rd Category Players (2006, Russian).djvu3.65 MB
/Valentin Lukov & Harry Wienigk - System-Theorie aus aller Welt - Caro-Kann B10-19 (German).djvu21.21 MB
/Valeri Beim - Chess Recipes from the Grandmaster's Kitchen.pdf8.01 MB
/Valeri Beim - Lessons in Chess Strategy - Tips and Guidance.pdf14.21 MB
/Various - Men's Interzonal Chess Tournament 1990.pdf12.19 MB
/Various - Olimpiadas de Ajedrez - XIX Torneo de las Naciones Lugano 1968 (Spanish).djvu4.81 MB
/Various - The Soviet Endgame Study (1955, Russian).djvu6.71 MB
/Various - VI Torneo Interzonal Amsterdam 1964 (Spanish).djvu2.38 MB
/Various - XLI Campeonato Sovietico de Ajedrez Moscu 1973 (Spanish).djvu5.42 MB
/Vassily Panov - Der Angriff in der Schachpartie - Strategie und Taktik in der Praxis (German).djvu1.36 MB
/Vassily Smyslov - Secrets of Rook Endings (2003, Russian).djvu1.47 MB
/Victor Glatman - Akiba Rubinstein's Chess Academy (English, German).djvu6.81 MB
/Victor Korchnoi - Praxis des Turmendspiels (German).djvu2.93 MB
/Victor L. Vasiliev - Tigran Petrosian - His Life and Games.djvu8.67 MB
/Victor Moskalenko - French Defense Repertoire (CB database, Russian).cbv487.21 KB
/Victor Moskalenko - The Fabulous Budapest Gambit.pdf17.59 MB
/Victor Pozharsky - School of Chess (2007, Russian).djvu10.26 MB
/Vladimir Vukovic - The Art of Attack in Chess (smaller size).pdf10.58 MB
/W. H. Watts (ed.) - The Book of the Hastings International Masters' Chess Tournament 1922.pdf3.42 MB
/Walter Korn - The Brilliant Touch in Chess - 240 Fascinating Positions Commented On.djvu2.55 MB
/William Hartston - Teach Yourself Chess.pdf9.68 MB
/William Winter - Kings of Chess - Chess Championships of the 20th Century.djvu4.08 MB
/Wolfgang Uhlmann & Gerd Treppner - Schachweltmeisterschaft 1993 (German).djvu2.84 MB
/Wolfgang Uhlmann & Lothar Vogt - Gute Lauefer - schlechte Laeufer (German).djvu3.79 MB
/Yakov Damsky - Schwerfiguren greifen ein (German).djvu4.03 MB
/Yakov Estrin - Bauernopfer in der Eroeffnung - Eine bunte Gambitpalette (German).djvu3.32 MB
/Yakov G. Vladimirov & Y. Fokin - Leonid Kubbel (problems & studies, 1984, Russian).djvu18.06 MB
/Yakov Neishtadt - 250 Chess Traps and Combinations (1973, Russian).djvu3.97 MB
/Yakov Neishtadt - Chess Practics, Vol. 1 (1980, Russian).djvu9.76 MB
/Yakov Neishtadt - Chess Practics, Vol. 2 (1998, Russian).djvu6.41 MB
/Yakov Neishtadt - Schon in der Eroeffnung gewinnen! (German).djvu1.06 MB
/Yuri Averbakh & I. Maizelis - Comprehensive Chess Endings 4 - Pawn Endings.djvu14.12 MB
/Yuri Averbakh & V. Chekhover - Comprehensive Chess Endings 1 - Bishop & Knight.djvu12.12 MB
/Yuri Averbakh - Chess Middlegames - Essential Knowledge (single pages, missing 70-71).pdf6.20 MB
/Yuri Averbakh - Lehrbuch der Schachendspiele, Vol. 1 (German).djvu2.73 MB
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