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216.80 MB (227,332,301 bytes)
2010-05-22 15:13:10 - 204 weeks 6 days 18 hours 40 minutes ago
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59 files
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/piecesof8 - rush.mp38.99 MB
/Epic- Dave Weckl without drums.m4a6.99 MB
/gonnafly - bill conti.mp36.51 MB
/Garden Wall- Dave Weckl without drums.m4a5.07 MB
/Smooth Jazz without drums.m4a4.95 MB
/BlueOysterCultDontFearTheReaper.MP34.88 MB
/neversaydiethe69eyes.mp34.77 MB
/rubykaiserchiefs.mp34.75 MB
/Black Dog- Led Zepplin Without Drums.m4a4.70 MB
/Welcome to the black parade -MCR.m4a4.68 MB
/radionowherebrucespringsteen.mp34.63 MB
/BonJoviWantedDeadOrAlive.MP34.59 MB
/howlongeagles.mp34.52 MB
/1-10_Native_Metal_(Minus_Drums).mp34.38 MB
/Over my Head- Kings X without drums.m4a4.25 MB
/gpudick - Aces High.mp34.18 MB
/80's rock Dave Weckl without drums.m4a4.14 MB
/Rainy Day- dave Weckl without drums.m4a4.08 MB
/DrowningPoolSermon.mp33.98 MB
/Rockstar- Nickelback without drums.m4a3.98 MB
/Best of you- Foo Fighters without drums.m4a3.91 MB
/the_kill(30_seconds).mp33.78 MB
/pick up the pieces - drumless - average white band.mp33.77 MB
/Reggae sem batera.mp33.67 MB
/all along the watchtower - drumless - jimi hendrix.mp33.67 MB
/Pretty Girls Dave Weckl without drums.m4a3.60 MB
/FooFightersLearnToFly.MP33.59 MB
/DisturbedInsideTheFire.MP33.53 MB
/Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix without drums.m4a3.46 MB
/the_hand_that_feeds(NIN).mp33.46 MB
/IronMaidenRutotheHills.MP33.43 MB
/Coldplay Style pop jam.m4a3.40 MB
/POpRock Jamwithout drums.m4a3.35 MB
/Funk without drums.m4a3.34 MB
/GodsmackGreed.MP33.20 MB
/StaindForyou.mp33.15 MB
/SystemofadownPrisonsong.mp33.11 MB
/beethoven's_c(serj_tankian).mp33.03 MB
/Med-up tempo rock bassline.m4a3.02 MB
/Highway to Hell- ACDC without drums.m4a3.01 MB
/attack_(30s_to_mars).mp32.94 MB
/Funky Salsa Bassline without drums.m4a2.91 MB
/Totality- This is menace without drums.m4a2.89 MB
/go_with_the_flow_(Qotsa).mp32.89 MB
/crushcrushcrush(paramore).mp32.88 MB
/Piano Jazz JAm without drums.m4a2.87 MB
/Mambo Bassline without drums.m4a2.87 MB
/Pop Rock Basslinewithout drums.m4a2.70 MB
/7-4 Blues Odd time Bassline without drums.m4a2.69 MB
/BlackSabbathParanoid.MP32.68 MB
/Metal Shuffle.m4a2.66 MB
/Funk Bassline.m4a2.55 MB
/zero(smashing_pumpkins).mp32.52 MB
/PanteraHellbound.MP32.48 MB
/Tyranny of Normality Kings X without drums.m4a2.48 MB
/Half Time Shuffle.m4a2.46 MB
/Half Time Shuffle without drums.m4a2.45 MB
/Rock Bassline without drums.m4a2.42 MB
/Sports car jingle- Dave Weckl without drums.m4a991.40 KB
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