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Living Cookbook 2011 is the eighth major release of the best-selling recipe management software from Radium Technologies. It includes over 50 major enhancements, many of them suggested by users like you.  Recipe Software with Unrivalled Power and Ease of Use  * Manage your recipe collection * Plan meals using the meal planning calendar * Calculate nutrition for any recipe, menu or meal * Create grocery lists organized by grocery aisle * Manage your kitchen's inventory * Publish and print cookbooks * Print on any size paper, including index cards * Share your recipes as files or e-mails * Import every major recipe file format * Copy recipes directly from the Internet * Help file with over 500 help topics * Online support forum with over 32,000 members  Features:  Working with recipes  * Enter recipes with as much or as little detail as you like. * Add images to recipes. In fact you can add multiple recipe images, a source image and an image for every recipe procedure step, if you want to. * Scan images directly from your flatbed scanner or digital camera. * Copy recipes from the Internet. * Calculate recipe nutrition from the recipe ingredients or enter the nutrition data manually. * Calculate recipe costs. * Share recipes with others, even if they don't own Living Cookbook. You can export or e-mail recipes in all of the major recipe file formats. * Import recipes from MasterCook, Big Oven, Cook'n, Meal-Master and other recipe management programs. * Add ratings and reviews to recipes. * Add audio or video files to recipes. * Add file attachments (any file type) to recipes. * Assign recipe types and categories. * Enter the recipe's oven temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. * Choose from five degrees of difficulty. * Use a recipe as an ingredient in another recipe. * Enter preparation time, cooking time, inactive time and total time. * Organize recipes into cookbooks, chapters, sub-chapters, etc. according to your needs. * Customize recipe displays using your choice of fonts, background colors, headings and more. * Add any number of tips to a recipe to record recipe variations, serving suggestions, wine pairings, etc. * Enter author, source, web page, copyright and author notes for any recipe. * Print your recipes on any paper format: US letter, legal, A4, 4x6 index card, 3x5 index card and more. * Scale recipes to any number of servings. * Convert recipe units to and from Imperial or metric units. * Eliminate duplicate recipes automatically. * Compare any two recipes side-by-side. * Enter custom recipe data (i.e. user-defined recipe attributes). Living Cookbook 2011 lets you customize 5 text columns, 5 numeric columns and 5 link (URL or e-mail) columns.  Publishing  * Publish your cookbooks with tables of contents and indexes. * Print your publication from within Living Cookbook or export it as a Microsoft Word document. * Format your publication using your choice of fonts, colors, spacing and layouts.  Working with ingredients  * Choose from over 8000 ingredients with nutrition data provided by the USDA. * Enter your own custom ingredients or copy them from the Internet. * Import new USDA nutrition as it is made available by the USDA. Living Cookbook 2011 ship with version SR-22 (the most current version of the nutrient database). * Add ingredient images and source images. * Add file attachments (any file type) to ingredients. * Add any number of custom measures (units) for each ingredient. * Assign costs, grocery aisles and preferred stores to ingredients. * Enter ingredient nodes to describe the ingredient, record uses and preparation information, etc. * Share ingredients with other Living Cookbook users. * Organize ingredients into folders and sub-folders.

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