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This download is for Sekirei 2 Pure Engagement dvd iso.  Just put in a dvd r in your drive and double click this and go!!!!

About the Movie

Actors: Alexis Tipton, Clarine Harp, Lydia Mackay, Jamie Marchi
Directors: Scott Sager
Format: Animated, Widescreen, Color, Subtitled
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English
Studio: Funimation Prod
The second season of Sekirei (200, Pure Engagement (2010) combines two popular anime genres, the harem comedy and the jiggle adventure. Mild-mannered, goodhearted Minato is a ronin: despite his intelligence, he's failed the exam to get into the university of his choice--twice. He's also an "Ashikabi," a human who shares supernatural bonds with the Sekirei, extraterrestrial beings who take the form of human females with phenomenal powers (not the least of which is keeping their pneumatic figures inside their scanty costumes). All the Sekirei are pitted against each other in a deadly game orchestrated by the evil president of the all-powerful MBI Corporation, but the six who live with Minato in Maison Izumo spend the first several episodes squabbling over who's his favorite. Episode seven presents a lot of background information from season one, but by that time, viewers will have given up on the tangled but fragmentary plot. The filmmakers try to raise the stakes in the later episodes, but the characters are so shallow and silly that the attempts to convey serious emotions come across as bathos. Sekirei: Pure Engagement plays like Love, Hina restaged by Victoria's Secret. It's an inane succession of jiggle shots and fights designed to excite hormonal adolescent boys. The OVA "Two Gossip Topics" acts as a sort of bridge between the seasons, and features even more nudity and boob jokes. (Rated TV MA: risqué humor, extensive nudity, violence, violence against women, suggested lesbianism, alcohol and tobacco use) --Charles Solomon
(1. Silent Omen, 2. The Wind Blows, 3. The Wind's Answer, 4. The Final Feather, 5. The Sekirei of Flame, 6. Words of Binding, 7. A Faraway Tale, 8. Kusa's Play, 9. A Multitude of Bonds, 10. Far-Reaching Sky, 11. Preparing for the Festival, 12. Tower of Confusion, 13. Bonds of Truth,

Minato and his sexy army of Sekirei are back for more nosebleed–inducing action in this full-figured follow up to the breast action harem anime of all time!
A clandestine organization known as the MBI has issued an edict that threatens to end the lives of Minato and his luscious companions once and for all! The cutthroat organization’s Sekirei Plan will force all busty brawlers and their masters to engage in a flesh-baring fight to the finish. Only one amazing pair will be left standing when this curvaceous cavalcade of carnage has come to a conclusion. Does Minato have what it takes to survive the bombastic barrage of breast-jiggling blows coming his way in this titillating sequel? Only one thing is certain: the booby traps abound and the measurements are mesmerizing in Sekirei Pure Engagement!

PS  If some one has disk 3  Please PM me  Thanks


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