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/[HorribleSubs] Gintama - 246 [480p].mkv147.63 MB
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Gintama - 246 "Demon vs monster.Hijikata vs isaburo.okita vs nobume

Twenty years ago Edo-period Japan suffered a great cultural shock—the aliens called Amanto invaded the earth, overpowered the nation's government, and outlawed the carrying of swords by the once proud samurai. Moreover, the aliens took the people's jobs and are currently running Japan as a sweatshop using the natives as laborers. In this strange new era are Gintoki Sakata, an eccentric samurai whose personal trademarks are his naturally permed silver hair, his love of anything sweet, and his addiction to Shonen Jump; Shinpachi Shimura, the teenaged heir of the Kakido-Ryu style; and Kagura, an incredibly strong alien girl from the powerful Yato clan. The trio are self-employed in an odd jobs shop called Yoruzuya Gin-chan, which offers to do almost anything for a price, from finding lost kittens to saving the world. Unfortunately, the jobs rarely go as planned, or pay enough to cover the pain and suffering the employees encounter—never mind their rent.

Genres: action, comedy, science fiction

Themes: aliens, parody, samurai, space

Audio language         : Japanese

SubTitle language      : English

Release date           : February 13, 2012


CompleteName                     : [HorribleSubs] Gintama - 246 [480p].mkv.bc!
Format                           : Matroska
Format_Version                   : Version 2
FileSize/String                  : 148 MiB
Duration/String                  : 23mn 49s
OverallBitRate/String            : 866 Kbps


Format                           : AVC
Format/Info                      : Advanced Video Codec
Format_Profile                   : Main@L3.1
Format_Settings_CABAC/String     : Yes
Format_Settings_RefFrames/String : 6 frame3
CodecID                          : V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
Duration/String                  : 23mn 49s
BitRate_Nominal/String           : 768 Kbps
Width/String                     : 848 pixel3
Height/String                    : 480 pixel3
DisplayAspectRatio/String        : 16:9
FrameRate/String                 : 23.810 fps2
FrameRate_Original/String        : 23.976 fps2
ColorSpace                       : YUV
ChromaSubsampling                : 4:2:0
BitDepth/String                  : 8 bit3


Format                           : AAC
Format/Info                      : Advanced Audio Codec
Format_Profile                   : LC
CodecID                          : A_AAC
Duration/String                  : 23mn 49s
Channel(s)/String                : 2 channel2
ChannelPositions                 : Front: L R
SamplingRate/String              : 44.1 KHz
Compression_Mode/String          : Lossy
Default/String                   : Yes
Forced/String                    : Yes

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