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Actors: Cherami Leigh, Todd Haberkorn, Christopher R. Sabat, Tia Ballard
Directors: Tyler Walker
Format: Animated, Widescreen, Color, Subtitled
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English

Studio: Funimation Prod
DVD Release Date: December 27, 2011
Run Time: 300 minutes

when they decide to tackle the "S-grade" assignment--one far too difficult for them. They try to remove the curse vexing the inhabitants of Galuna Island, but they're in over their heads and need help from Erza. During a battle with an enormous demon, they learn how ice wizard Gray studied with the exceedingly powerful wizard Ur--and why he persists in the outré habit of shedding his clothes. The tone of the story darkens a bit when the Fairy Tale Guild is attacked by the sinister Phantom Lord Guild. The reason for the attack is tied to Lucy's past, which is more complicated than anyone suspected. The backgrounds of soi-disant "Real Man" Elfman, his older sister Mira, and Happy the flying cat emerge during this conflict. The real fun of Fairy Tale remains its mixture of slapstick comedy and magical battles. The demons on Galuna Island and the members of the Phantom Guild are as weird-looking as any foe Monkey D. Luffy ever faced, and they fight with a bizarre array of techniques that range from elaborate rotating patterns to old-fashioned hits upside the head. Fire wizard Natsu is in his element, whether quarreling with Gray or taking out a magical super-cannon, and his enthusiasm is contagious. (Rated TV 14: cartoon violence, minor risqué humor, alcohol use) --Charles Solomon
(13. Natsu vs. Yuka the Wave User, 14. Just Do Whatever!! 15. Eternal Magic, 16. The Final Showdown on Galuna Island, 17. Bust, 18. Reach the Sky Above, 19. Changeling, 20. Natsu and the Dragon Egg, 21. The Phantom Lord, 22. Lucy Heartfilia, 23. 15 Minutes, 24. To Keep from Seeing Those Tears)

In the Kingdom of Fiore, powerful wizards make their living by joining magical guilds and contracting out their services to become "wizards for hire". Harnessing the forces of Dragon Fire, Ice, Weaponry, and the Zodiac, four young wizards of the infamous guild Fairy Tail team up to seek their fortunes. Growing stronger with every mission, they travel the countryside helping people and battling rival guilds, but with personalities as different as their magic skills, this team may end up doing more damage than good.

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