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Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate - by Mick (Full Version) Torrent Details

Filename: Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate - by Mick (Full Version).torrent
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* Edit on unlimited tracks with frame accuracy in HD and/or advanced stereoscopic 3D
* Create eye-popping effects with Red Giant Filmmaker’s Toolkit and Motion Graphics Toolkit
* Add excitement with over 2000 2D/3D additional effects
* Includes green screen for shooting with superimposition in mind
* Create Dolby® 5.1 surround Blu-ray™/DVD discs and export to your favorite digital devices and formats
* Organize, tag, and rate your favorite clips and music with the built-in media library
* Enhance and correct movies, photos and audio right inside the media library
* Preview timeline and source clips simultaneously
* Use the trim editor to set source clip in/out points, then drag trimmed clips to the timeline for perfect cuts—just like the pros
* Import clips and movie projects from Pinnacle Studio for iPad1
* Quickly learn to make great videos using the included video tutorial DVDs
* Storyboard quick first drafts—even create movies automatically
* Layer animations and titles easily with included Montage templates
* Create custom-fit soundtracks with Scorefitter
* Share HD and 3D videos on Facebook®, YouTube®, and Vimeo® with one click
* Store projects and clips in the cloud to access anywhere, anytime—includes 50 GB2 of cloud access free from Box
* Zip through projects via 64-bit, NVIDIA® CUDA™, and Intel® Quick Sync Video optimization
* Access video and photos from HD camcorders and digital devices—even 3D
* Easily archive and restore your work with Project Packages

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