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Invincible (2006) SubAtom CAM KvCD by Hockney(TUS Release) Torrent Details

Filename: Invincible (2006) SubAtom CAM KvCD by Hockney(TUS Release).torrent
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2006-08-31 18:04:09 - 398 weeks 6 days 11 hours 54 minutes ago
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TUS-KVCD-GRP (Karma: 65)
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Invincible (2006) SubAtom CAM KvCD(TUS Release)

When part time bartender and full time Eagles fan Vince Papale tries out for the team
during an open call, he makes the team in a complete twist of fate. Invincible is a story
of Papale's career with the Eagles and his personal struggles and triumphs

Cast overview, first billed only:

Mark Wahlberg    ....     Vince Papale
Greg Kinnear    ....     Dick Vermeil
Elizabeth Banks    ....     Janet Cantrell

For more info visit :

Genre: Drama / Sport
Country: USA
Language:  English
Source: - subatom
Format: bin/cue
Chapters: Every 5 Minutess
Runtime: 105min
Video: NTSC
Audio: 44.1kHz/128kbps/Stereo
Res: 352x240/23.976fps
Size: 804Mb(Bin file)
Sample: 5.4Mb
IMDB: 7.0/10 (933 votes)
VCDQ: 8.0/6.3/7.0
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Allous Posted: 2006-09-22 02:36:07 GMT

Very Good Picture and Sound, Great Movie also !!
thanks Man

Post ID #149479.

goldie100 Posted: 2006-09-30 14:24:51 GMT

can i ask what u used to convert please ? thks

Post ID #149920.

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