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Chess ebooks by superkasp 04 - 2007 Torrent Details

Filename: Chess ebooks by superkasp 04-2007.torrent
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/'64' Chess Magazine 1983-01 (Russian).pdf10.76 MB
/'64' Chess Magazine 1996-04 (Russian).djvu6.64 MB
/'64' Chess Magazine 2003-03 (Russian).pdf19.73 MB
/'64' Chess Magazine 2003-06 (Russian).pdf19.01 MB
/'64' Chess Magazine 2003-09 (Russian).pdf16.38 MB
/'64' Chess Magazine 2005-03 (Russian).pdf13.57 MB
/'64' Chess Magazine No. 03, 1925 (Russian).pdf14.65 MB
/'64' Chess Magazine No. 21, 1925 (Russian).djvu827.84 KB
/'64' Chess Magazine No. 22, 1925 (Russian).djvu833.39 KB
/'64' Chess Magazine No. 24, 1925 (Russian).djvu1.00 MB
/AICF Forum Chess Magazine 2001-01.djvu1.96 MB
/AICF Forum Chess Magazine 2001-02.djvu3.08 MB
/AICF Forum Chess Magazine 2001-03.djvu2.66 MB
/About this release.txt8.66 KB
/Ajedrez para Todos (Instituto Superior Latinoamericano de Ajedrez, Cuba).pdf6.53 MB
/Alexander Khalifman - Opening for White according to Anand 1.e4, Vol. 1 (single pages).djvu3.30 MB
/Alexander Khalifman - Opening for White according to Anand 1.e4, Vol. 2 (single pages).djvu5.92 MB
/Alexander Kotov - Chess Tactics (scanned by Kopperhed).djvu4.35 MB
/Alexander Raetsky & Maxim Chetverik - Alexander Alekhine - Master of Attack.djvu4.78 MB
/Alvaro Pereira - Introducao ao Xadrez (2nd edition, Portuguese).pdf7.66 MB
/An Englishman - Paul Morphy - The Chess Champion (1859).pdf4.72 MB
/Anatoly Karpov & A. Roscial - Scacchi Primo Amore (1975, Italian).pdf22.23 MB
/Bernard Cafferty - Tal's 100 Best Games 1961-1973.djvu4.56 MB
/C. J. S. Purdy - Action Chess - Purdy's 24 Hours Opening Repertoire.djvu2.22 MB
/Chess Canada Echecs No. 55, 1982.pdf3.16 MB
/Chess Life Magazine 1997-08.pdf10.30 MB
/Chess Life Magazine 2002-02.pdf10.33 MB
/Chess Magazine Schach 1990-01 (German).djvu2.55 MB
/Chess Mail 2001-01 (with covers).pdf2.12 MB
/Chess in USSR 1988-01 (Russian).djvu2.09 MB
/Chris Ward - Winning with the Sicilian Dragon 2 (single pages).djvu5.71 MB
/Correspondence Chess Yearbook No. 12, 1994.pdf641.59 KB
/David Bronstein & Ken Neat - Bronstein on the King's Indian.djvu3.32 MB
/David N. L. Levy - How Fischer Plays Chess (single pages).djvu3.84 MB
/Dorian Rogozenko - Anti-Sicilians - A Guide for Black (single pages).djvu2.22 MB
/Drazen Marovic - Play the King's Indian Defence (single pages).djvu3.18 MB
/EDAMI Packs (very good PDF chess lessons in Spanish).rar12.42 MB
/Echecs et Mat Chess Magazine No. 82, 2005-12 (French).pdf4.86 MB
/Edmar Mednis - From the Opening into the Endgame (single pages).pdf5.24 MB
/Eduard Gufeld - The Modern French Tarrasch.djvu2.64 MB
/Emanuel Lasker - Lasker's Chess Primer (1934).pdf7.43 MB
/Gennady Nesis - Tactical Chess Exchanges (new scan).pdf6.25 MB
/George Walker - Chess Studies, Comprising One Thousand Games (1844).pdf3.25 MB
/Graham Burgess, John Nunn, John Emms - The Mammoth Book of Greatest Chess Games.djvu17.02 MB
/Hans Kmoch - Die Kunst der Bauernfuehrung - Ein Beitrag zur Schachstrategie (German).djvu8.00 MB
/Igor Khmelnitsky - Chess Exam and Training Guide (2007, Russian).djvu5.78 MB
/Ilias Kourkounakis - Kasparov-Kramnik WCC Match 2000.pdf1.38 MB
/Ilya Maizelis - Finales de Peones (Spanish).djvu12.41 MB
/Inside Chess Magazine 1988-08, Vol. 1 No. 16.pdf5.59 MB
/Inside Chess Magazine 1991-11, Vol. 4 No. 23.pdf4.53 MB
/Iossif Dorfman - El Metodo en Ajedrez - Un Concepto Nuevo en la Estrategia Moderna (Spanish).pdf10.17 MB
/Iossif Dorfman - Il Metodo - Un Concetto Nuovo nella Strategia Moderna (Italian).pdf2.79 MB
/Irving Chernev et al. - The Ultimate Chess Beginners Manual (Chess Review 1933-1949).pdf70.47 MB
/Joe Gallagher - Play the King's Indian - A Complete Repertoire for Black (single pages).pdf13.18 MB
/Joe Gallagher - Winning with the King's Gambit.pdf15.76 MB
/John Emms - Easy Guide to the Ruy Lopez (single pages).djvu2.38 MB
/John Nunn - Secrets of Practical Chess (new scan).djvu1.87 MB
/John Nunn - The Classical King's Indian (600 dpi, single pages).djvu3.32 MB
/John Watson - Play the French (new edition, single pages).djvu2.47 MB
/Jonathan Rowson - Understanding the Grunfeld (single pages).djvu24.91 MB
/Jose Raul Capablanca - Grundzuege der Schachstrategie (German).djvu1.46 MB
/Jose Raul Capablanca - My Chess Career (ed. by Irving Chernev).pdf5.66 MB
/Jose Raul Capablanca - World's Championship Matches, 1921 and 1927 (CL scan).pdf3.71 MB
/Karsten Mueller & Frank Lamprecht - Fundamental Chess Endings (small size).djvu8.58 MB
/Kolma Maier-Puschi - Schachlehrbuch fuer Kinder (German, illustrated).pdf1.23 MB
/Larry Christiansen - Rocking the Ramparts - A Guide to Attacking Chess (single pages).djvu14.93 MB
/Leonard Barden, William R. Hartston, Raymond Keene - The King's Indian Defence.pdf12.55 MB
/Leonid Shamkovich & Eric Schiller - Kasparov's Opening Repertoire (single pages).djvu1.78 MB
/Ludek Pachman - Aperturas Abiertas (Spanish, single pages).djvu7.21 MB
/Ludek Pachman - Aperturas Semiabiertas (Spanish, single pages).djvu7.60 MB
/Ludek Pachman - Defensa Siciliana (Spanish, single pages).djvu9.24 MB
/Ludek Pachman - Modern Chess Strategy (1963, single pages).pdf38.06 MB
/Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov - Entrenamiento de Elite I (Spanish).djvu2.47 MB
/Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov - Entrenamiento de Elite II (Spanish).djvu4.38 MB
/Mark Dvoretsky - Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual (scanned by filchess).pdf42.17 MB
/Matthew Sadler - Queen's Gambit Declined (single pages).djvu6.11 MB
/Max Euwe - Judgement and Planning in Chess.djvu1.94 MB
/Mikhail Shereshevsky & L. M. Slutsky - Mastering the Endgame, Vol. 1 (single pages).djvu2.75 MB
/Mikhail Shereshevsky & L. M. Slutsky - Mastering the Endgame, Vol. 2 (single pages).djvu5.31 MB
/Mikhail Shereshevsky - Perfeccionamento en el Ajedrez (Spanish, single pages).djvu9.18 MB
/Nigel Davies - The Dynamic Reti.djvu2.51 MB
/Otto Borik - Kasparov's Chess Openings - A World Champion's Repertoire.pdf6.54 MB
/Pablo Castro Girona et al. - Ajedrez Infantil (3rd edition, Spanish).pdf11.22 MB
/Paidotribo ebook - Borislav Ivkov - El Alfil Malo (Spanish).rar5.43 MB
/Paidotribo ebook - Camille Coudari - La Apertura en el Ajedrez para Todos (Spanish).rar3.40 MB
/Paidotribo ebook - Edmar Mednis - Consejos Practicos para Jugar el Final (Spanish).rar3.75 MB
/Paul Keres - Power Chess - Great Grandmaster Battles from Russia.djvu3.30 MB
/Pierre Ruiz-Vidal - Corus Wijk aan Zee 2004 (French).pdf607.29 KB
/Pierre Ruiz-Vidal - Linares 2004 (French).pdf1.09 MB
/Pierre Ruiz-Vidal - Memorial Jacques Jaudran (correspondence chess, French).pdf1.99 MB
/Robert Bellin & Pietro Ponzetto - Mastering the King's Indian Defense.pdf11.29 MB
/Robert Bellin & Pietro Ponzetto - Mastering the Modern Benoni and the Benko Gambit.pdf15.58 MB
/Rudolf Teschner - Meisterspiele - Eine Auswahl unvergesslicher Schachpartien (German).djvu4.89 MB
/Sam Collins - An Attacking Repertoire for White.pdf2.25 MB
/Sergey Ionov - Portrait of a Chess Player - Alexander Khalifman.pdf539.68 KB
/Steffen Pedersen - The Meran System (single pages).djvu5.40 MB
/Steve Mayer - Bishop versus Knight - The Verdict.djvu3.20 MB
/Sunil Weeramantry & Ed Eusebi - Best Lessons of a Chess Coach (single pages).djvu4.99 MB
/The Chess Player's Chronicle, Third Series (1861).pdf17.53 MB
/The Chess Player's Chronicle, Vol. 1 (1841).pdf10.69 MB
/The Chess Player's Chronicle, Vol. 10 (1849, ed. by Howard Staunton).pdf9.74 MB
/The Chess Player's Chronicle, Vol. 5 (1845).pdf10.20 MB
/The Chess Player's Chronicle, Vol. 6 (1846).pdf13.72 MB
/The Chess Player's Chronicle, Vol. 9 (1849, ed. by Howard Staunton).pdf9.22 MB
/Theodor Schuster - Neue Schacheroeffnungen (German).djvu3.57 MB
/Tim Harding, Janis Vitomskis & Martin Bennedik - The Total Marshall.pdf1.12 MB
/Timothy Taylor - How to Defeat the Smith-Morra Gambit - 6... a6! (single pages).djvu0.99 MB
/Tony Kosten - Easy Guide to the Najdorf (single pages).djvu16.47 MB
/Torrent downloaded from KB
/Victor A. Charushin - Chess Comet Rudolf Charousek 1873-1900.djvu6.50 MB
/Victor Khenkin - 1000 Mate Combinations (2003, Russian).pdf16.83 MB
/Victor Pozharsky - Modern Chess Self-Instructor, Book 1 (Russian, English).pdf9.77 MB
/Victor Pozharsky - Modern Chess Self-Instructor, Book 2 (Russian, English).pdf8.84 MB
/Victor Pozharsky - Modern Chess Self-Instructor, Book 3 (Russian, English).pdf6.91 MB
/Vladimir Vukovic - The Art of Attack in Chess (cleaned-up).pdf41.24 MB
/William Lewis - Fifty Games at Chess Which Have Actually Been Played (1832).pdf2.74 MB
/William Winter - Kings of Chess - Chess Championships of the 20th Century.djvu4.10 MB
/Yasser Seirawan - Winning Chess Brilliancies (cleaned-up).pdf23.62 MB
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