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/10 Element 900 MHz Quagi.pdf25.30 KB
/1296-MHz Transverter.pdf1.30 MB
/144 MHz Stop-Band TVI Filters.pdf155.93 KB
/2-Meter Transverter.pdf759.59 KB
/2.4-GHz Patch Antennas.pdf460.39 KB
/2.4GHz Pringles Can Antenna.pdf24.98 KB
/432 Collinear From Coax.pdf401.84 KB
/4800 Baud Modem Daughter Board.pdf11.27 MB
/6 Meter J-Pole.pdf58.97 KB
/7 dB For 7 Bucks.pdf828.67 KB
/75-Ohm Cable-Additional Options.pdf103.96 KB
/900-MHz Band-Whats in Store for Amateurs.pdf412.06 KB
/902 FM-UHFs Final Frontier.pdf191.97 KB
/902- to 144-MHz Receive Converter.pdf428.89 KB
/902-MHz Loop Yagi Antenna.pdf223.04 KB
/903-MHz Linear Amplifiers.pdf808.48 KB
/A 0.5-Watt 903-MHz Amplifier.pdf952.93 KB
/A 146 and 445 MHz J-Pole Antenna.pdf210.79 KB
/A 3456 MHz Linear Transverter.pdf1.98 MB
/A 900-MHz Parrot Repeater.pdf538.20 KB
/A Beginners Course In Assembly Language.pdf3.81 MB
/A Cheap and Easy High-Speed Data Connection.pdf1.09 MB
/A Circularly Polarized 60 GHz Microstrip Antenna.pdf197.17 KB
/A Compact Two-Element 2-Meter Beam.pdf418.68 KB
/A Doppler Radio Direction Finder.pdf907.82 KB
/A Five-Element 2-Meter Yagi.pdf441.71 KB
/A Five-Element Quad Antenna for 2-Meters.pdf298.46 KB
/A High-Performance 2-Meter Transverter.pdf1.37 MB
/A Horizontally Polarized Omni-Directional Antenna.pdf189.93 KB
/A Laser Transceiver for the ARRL 10-GHz-and-Up Contest.pdf872.45 KB
/A Miniature HF to VHF AM-FM Receiver Using the NE605.pdf194.27 KB
/A Modular High-Performance 23-cm ATV Transceiver.pdf328.41 KB
/A No-Tune 2-Meter Bandpass Filter.pdf122.23 KB
/A Perl-Tk Package for NEC Based Antenna Design.pdf609.16 KB
/A PIC Based HF-VHF Power Meter.pdf2.10 MB
/A PIC Of An IDer.pdf104.49 KB
/A PIC SWR Meter.pdf349.09 KB
/A PIC16F84-Based CW Decoder.pdf458.96 KB
/A Portable Quad For 2 Meters.pdf1.14 MB
/A Primer on Digital Signal Interfaces.pdf301.34 KB
/A Rugged Compact Attenuator.pdf201.22 KB
/A Single Stage 1500W Amplifer For 160-80-40 Meters.pdf530.56 KB
/A Six Meter Moxon Antenna.pdf1.22 MB
/A Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur.pdf440.63 KB
/A Step Attenuator You Can Build.pdf185.37 KB
/A Three And Half Band Yagi.pdf502.95 KB
/A Tri-Yagi For 50 MHz.pdf845.80 KB
/A VHF-UHF-Microwave Transverter IF Switch.pdf873.54 KB
/Add Remote Cotntrol to Your ICOM Transceiver.pdf544.55 KB
/Aircraft Enhancement.pdf525.15 KB
/Alternative Options for Resolving HSMM Interference Issues.pdf903.12 KB
/Amateur Radio Networks and the Internet.pdf445.46 KB
/An Active Attenuator For Transmitter Hunting.pdf156.76 KB
/An Audio-Noise-Based Voting Circuit.pdf211.79 KB
/An Easy Dual-Band VHF-UHF Antenna.pdf1.03 MB
/An EZ-Lindenblad Antenna for 2 Meters.pdf2.03 MB
/An Inexpensive Low Noise Preamplifier for 432 MHz.pdf160.09 KB
/An Inexpensive TDR.pdf150.43 KB
/An Introduction to Surface-Mount Devices.pdf1.33 MB
/An Introduction To The Bilateral Transverter.pdf417.52 KB
/Anatomy Of A Repeater.pdf1.50 MB
/Annie Get Your Gunnplexer.pdf223.28 KB
/APCO-25.pdf1.34 MB
/Astronauts on Your Repeater.pdf620.05 KB
/Automotive RFI Elimination.pdf1.25 MB
/BIOS Data Area Information.pdf495.17 KB
/Broadband Wireless Internet Access and Amateur Radio.pdf1.12 MB
/Build a 2-Meter Intermod Notch Trap.pdf443.85 KB
/Build An Alphanumeric Pager Decoder.pdf4.21 MB
/Build the Featherweight 6-Meter Yagi.pdf582.79 KB
/Build The FoxTTL Foxhunt Transmitter.pdf265.90 KB
/Build The Montreal Fox Controller.pdf307.21 KB
/Build This Solid-State PA for 440 MHz.pdf155.52 KB
/Building a Beacon for 2401 MHz.pdf587.07 KB
/Building a Decent RF Network.pdf1.22 MB
/Building Simple Isolation Interface Devices.pdf538.52 KB
/Can HSMM Find a Real Home in Ham Radio.pdf946.49 KB
/Capacitor Basics.pdf52.06 KB
/Care And Feeding Of Gunnplexers.pdf431.86 KB
/CATV Leakage-A Two Way Street.pdf178.23 KB
/Cellular Surplus.pdf400.08 KB
/Chat on the Air with LinPSK.pdf707.36 KB
/Cheap Antennas for LEO Satellites.pdf787.22 KB
/Cheap Yagis for 2450 MHz.pdf588.38 KB
/Circuit Design on Your Linux Box Using gEDA.pdf1.07 MB
/Clean Up Your Signals With Band-Pass Filters.pdf102.54 KB
/Columbia Shuttle Recovery and 802.11b.pdf96.79 KB
/Communications System Using Gunplexer Transceivers.pdf5.49 MB
/Components for 10-GHz and Up Transceivers.pdf709.67 KB
/Converting Radar Detectors to 10-GHz Rigs.pdf413.59 KB
/Copper Loops For 222 and 440MHz.pdf0.98 MB
/CW Transmitter for 902 MHz.pdf720.07 KB
/D-Star Antennas.pdf413.82 KB
/D-Star Digital Data-CryptoUP.pdf523.15 KB
/D-STAR For VHF-UHF.pdf269.61 KB
/D-Star New Modes for VHF-UHF.pdf1.54 MB
/D-STAR Technical Chararistics.pdf225.04 KB
/D-Star.pdf1.77 MB
/Data Encryption is Legal.pdf892.17 KB
/Defining Your Function Keys.pdf625.74 KB
/Design of a Dual Patch Triangular Microstrip Antenna.pdf111.79 KB
/Different Grounds For Different Shacks.pdf412.67 KB
/Digital Amateur Television.pdf968.34 KB
/Digital Hamming-A Need for Standards.pdf591.81 KB
/Digital Modulation from ASK to OQPSK.pdf372.71 KB
/Digital Signal Processing.pdf2.15 MB
/Digital Video Coming to the 440-MHz Band.pdf332.54 KB
/Digital Voice and Data Modes The Way Forward.pdf194.57 KB
/Double-Ducky Direction Finder.pdf247.43 KB
/DTMF-Converter And HF-Link Controller.pdf103.44 KB
/Dual Band J-Pole.pdf19.79 KB
/Dual-Band Twin Lead Antenna.pdf643.51 KB
/Electric Fence Interference-A Case History.pdf270.09 KB
/Elevator A Simple 220-MHz FM Transverter.pdf543.99 KB
/Entertainment And Interference-The Two Faces Of CATV.pdf406.52 KB
/Error Correcting In Data Transmission.pdf1.56 MB
/Explore 220 With This State-Of-The-Art Transverter.pdf638.28 KB
/Explore USB with this USB to CI-V Interface.pdf422.74 KB
/Extracting Stable Clock Signals From AM Broadcast Carriers for AmateurS Spread-Spectrum Applications.pdf814.27 KB
/Fabrication of Printed-Circuit Boards.pdf451.82 KB
/Fractal_Antennas_Part-1.pdf2.85 MB
/From Ether to Ethernet.pdf579.75 KB
/Get On 222 MHz with a Ten-Tec 1210 Transverter.pdf1.69 MB
/Get on 440-MHz ATV.pdf2.13 MB
/Getting on on the Internet-Your First HSMM Radio Station.pdf307.34 KB
/Grounded-Grid Kilowatt Amplifier for 432 MHz.pdf382.55 KB
/Ham Radio and VoIP.pdf1.20 MB
/High Power Magnetron Transmitter.pdf2.60 MB
/High Speed Multimedia Radio.pdf605.72 KB
/High-Performance Easy-to-Build 432-MHz Transverter.pdf844.48 KB
/High-Power Cavity Amplifier For The New 900-MHz Band.pdf226.31 KB
/Home Brewing a 10 GHz SSB-CW Transverter.pdf2.31 MB
/Home-brew Spectrum Analyzer.pdf388.77 KB
/How To Get Into HSMM.pdf603.29 KB
/HSMM and Field Day.pdf559.57 KB
/HSMM and Information Security.pdf341.22 KB
/HSMM Radio Equipment.pdf1.16 MB
/HSMM.pdf1.90 MB
/IEEE 802.11 Experiments In Virginias Shenandoah Valley.pdf6.29 MB
/IEEE 802.11b-Friend or Foe.pdf1.35 MB
/Improving the K1FO 8874 432-MHz Amplifier.pdf423.75 KB
/Inexpensive Basic Stamp Controller.pdf143.89 KB
/Inexpensive High Speed Packet is Here.pdf65.17 KB
/Inexpensive Multi-Megabaud Microwave Data Link.pdf2.33 MB
/Intermodulation Reviewed.pdf156.86 KB
/Introducing Sherlock - A Hi-Tech Fox Hunting Tool.pdf397.66 KB
/Introducing Spread Spectrum.pdf657.51 KB
/IRLP-The Internet Radio Linking Project.pdf934.58 KB
/Is All Data Acceptable Data.pdf207.50 KB
/Is the ARRL Turning 2.4 GHz into the Next CB Band.pdf214.88 KB
/Isolated-Pad Circuit-Board Construction.pdf111.61 KB
/Laser Communication Systems.pdf439.20 KB
/Lasers and Amateur Radio.pdf469.87 KB
/Locating Power Line Noise Using TV Waveforms.pdf431.60 KB
/Long Life For Your Transmitting Tubes.pdf230.51 KB
/Lowes Loop for 432MHz.pdf2.48 MB
/Making Printed Circuit Boards.pdf201.33 KB
/Making Two-Sided Circuit Boards by the Photoetching Process.pdf295.74 KB
/Measuring 2.4 GHz Helix Antennas.pdf958.07 KB
/Measuring 9600 baud BER Performance.pdf1.68 MB
/Meet The New Guy.pdf420.70 KB
/Microprocessor-Controlled Repeater Voting System.pdf959.03 KB
/Microwave ATV-A New Approach.pdf607.93 KB
/Microwave Basics.pdf1.48 MB
/Microwave Propagation in the Upper Troposphere.pdf1.08 MB
/Microwave Propagation.pdf215.29 KB
/Microwave Spectum Analyzer On A Budget.pdf3.45 MB
/Microwavelengths-The Transverter.pdf173.26 KB
/Microwavelengths.pdf510.77 KB
/Minature UHF Fox Transmitter.pdf634.96 KB
/More Cheap Yagis.pdf519.72 KB
/N0GSG DSP Radio Direction Finder.pdf2.12 MB
/N0GSG Portable Radio Direction Finder.pdf410.22 KB
/New High-Speed Multi-Media Radio Mesh Networking.pdf409.95 KB
/No-Tune Transverter for 3456 MHz.pdf450.52 KB
/No-Tune Transverter for the 2304-MHz Band.pdf468.81 KB
/Nontraditional Field Day-You Bet.pdf220.21 KB
/On Amateur Radio Use of IEEE 802.11b.pdf313.32 KB
/Pager Handbook for the Radio Amateur.pdf276.22 KB
/PIC-Gen Frequency Generator-Counter.pdf2.57 MB
/Pocket dBm RF Power Meter.pdf386.71 KB
/Pocket-Size VHF SWR Meter.pdf205.13 KB
/Poor Mans Spectrum Analyzer.pdf1.89 MB
/Practical Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum UHF Link.pdf662.82 KB
/Practical Spread Spectrum-Achieving Synchronization with the Slip-Pulse Generator.pdf763.30 KB
/Practical Spread Spectrum-An Experimental Transmitted-Reference Data Modem.pdf332.97 KB
/Practical Spread-Spectrum-Clock Recovery With the Synchronous Oscillator.pdf517.08 KB
/Printed Circuit Boards--An Easier Way.pdf400.46 KB
/Project 25 for Amateur Radio.pdf647.36 KB
/PTT Control From Receiver Audio.pdf548.10 KB
/Put Your All-Mode 2-Meter Rig on 220.pdf282.22 KB
/QRP Transmitting Converter.pdf244.90 KB
/Quantifying SETI.pdf354.39 KB
/Radio Astronomy And The Search For Extraterrestial Intelligence.pdf3.09 MB
/Radio Line-of-Sight Paths from the USGS Digital-Elevation Database.pdf502.87 KB
/RFI-Intermodulation.pdf110.79 KB
/Sherlock in the XP Age.pdf3.77 MB
/Simple Approach to Complex Circuits.pdf492.47 KB
/Single-Board No-Tune 902-MHz Transverter.pdf298.58 KB
/Single-Board- No-Tune 902-MHz Transverter A.pdf298.58 KB
/Six Meters From Your Easy Chair.pdf120.38 KB
/SMT You Can Work With.pdf1.08 MB
/Solid-State Linear Amplifiers for 33 cm.pdf1.50 MB
/Some Encryption is Legal.pdf73.58 KB
/SPI And The Printer Port.pdf1.62 MB
/Spread Spectrum And Digital Communications Techniques.pdf1.23 MB
/Spread Spectrum And The Radio Amateur.pdf265.18 KB
/Spread Spectrum Communications.pdf2.35 MB
/Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Direct Sequence and You.pdf212.76 KB
/Spread-Spectrum Applications In Amateur Radio.pdf388.76 KB
/Super-J-Pole.pdf18.80 KB
/Surface Mount Technology-You Can Work With It.pdf958.67 KB
/Surface-Mount Technology Primer.pdf1.98 MB
/Talking Repeater Controller.pdf2.05 MB
/Technology and the Future of Amateur Radio.pdf65.66 KB
/Terminating 75 Ohm-7-8 Inch Hardline with SO-239.pdf211.19 KB
/Testing Motrons Transmitter Fingerprinter.pdf840.54 KB
/The Arrow Antenna.pdf1.19 MB
/The BasicX-24.pdf640.95 KB
/The DDRR-Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator.pdf558.03 KB
/The Digital Circle of Life.pdf1.31 MB
/The Four Way DFer.pdf375.34 KB
/The FOXBOX.pdf1.71 MB
/The Global Positioning System.pdf3.12 MB
/The Hinternet and openHSMM.pdf133.28 KB
/The Hinternet and VPN Projects.pdf571.64 KB
/The Hinternet on 5 GHz.pdf348.14 KB
/The Hinternet-Protecting HSMM Radio Networks.pdf307.92 KB
/The Integration of Amateur Radio and 802.11.pdf596.21 KB
/The Magnetron-A Low Noise Long Life Amplifier.pdf427.32 KB
/The New Industrial Revolution-Packet Radio And Networking.pdf1.56 MB
/The PortaPeater.pdf1.24 MB
/The Serial Port-Breakfast Of Champions.pdf121.65 KB
/The Simple Simplex Repeater.pdf949.85 KB
/The Sociology of Regulations.pdf255.50 KB
/The Ten-Tec 6 Meter Transverter on 12 or 17 Meters.pdf1.22 MB
/The Use of Pringles Containers To Enhance Network Security.pdf874.62 KB
/The VHF-UHF Primer-An Introduction To Propagation.pdf1.72 MB
/Tracing And Eliminating Power Line Interference.pdf345.45 KB
/Tramplifier for 432 MHz.pdf530.37 KB
/Transmatch For 432 MHz--Why Not.pdf153.25 KB
/Transmission Line Transformer Basics.pdf55.52 KB
/Troubleshooting Electrical Noise.pdf73.58 KB
/Try Copper For 2-Meters-The Cu Loop.pdf1.65 MB
/Turbocharge Your Packet Station.pdf708.10 KB
/Two Meter Tracking Transmitter.pdf266.78 KB
/UHF Modems For Amateur Radio Stations.pdf491.13 KB
/Ultra Wide Band.pdf501.84 KB
/Universal Radio Programmer.pdf224.74 KB
/Use It Or Lose It.pdf118.55 KB
/Using Radar Data to Predict Rain-Scatter Paths.pdf821.47 KB
/Vocoding-Creating Digital Voice.pdf449.18 KB
/Voice Track-Talking Controller.pdf361.64 KB
/VOIP and Amateur Radio.pdf356.51 KB
/Want a Good Microwave Antenna-Drink More Coffee.pdf274.02 KB
/WB2REM Remote Link.pdf528.38 KB
/Web Pages on Packet Radio.pdf502.11 KB
/What is Happening to the HSMM Working Group.pdf116.83 KB
/What is HSMM.pdf181.27 KB
/Why I Like Linux and Other Tales.pdf597.96 KB
/Wi-Fi for Hams.pdf2.65 MB
/Wideband Microwave Amplifier Design.pdf1.03 MB
/Wireless Local Area Network Design.pdf506.08 KB
/Yes-All My Coax Cables Are 75 Ohms.pdf83.83 KB
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