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805.53 MB (844,660,692 bytes)
2006-06-01 07:00:08 - 411 weeks 1 days 23 hours 55 minutes ago
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149 files
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/74 Minutes Of Bump/01 - Keep It Real.mp36.50 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/02 - Duck Yo Ass.mp36.40 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/03 - Hard On Me.mp35.32 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/04 - Papa Was A Rolling Stone.mp34.63 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/05 - Skit.mp31.01 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/06 - Big Ole Moves.mp35.59 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/07 - Wan Cha.mp39.19 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/08 - Blood In Blood Out.mp37.57 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/09 - Drank & Dank.mp34.02 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/10 - S.O.U.T.H Parkway.mp38.05 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/11 - Weed 'n White.mp36.07 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/12 - Skit.mp3291.27 KB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/13 - Reela Dan Most.mp37.52 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/14 - On It All.mp35.19 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/15 - Actual Telephone Message.mp31.33 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/16 - Call Me.mp34.29 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/17 - Sometime.mp35.69 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/18 - Celebrate.mp36.85 MB
/74 Minutes Of Bump/19 - Oo Ya.mp36.17 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/01 - Undaground King.mp37.55 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/02 - Duck Ya Azz (radio).mp35.54 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/03 - Nobody Crosses Me.mp36.96 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/04 - Hard On Me.mp35.35 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/05 - Reala Dan Most.mp37.75 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/06 - Turn Tha Lights On.mp39.60 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/07 - Write Sum Bump.mp36.54 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/08 - Da Hymn.mp35.79 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/09 - Nobody.mp37.89 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/10 - Dont Trust Em.mp35.68 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/11 - Do You Hear Me.mp35.60 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/12 - Kinfolk.mp36.14 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/13 - T.a.y.l.o.r Made Nigga.mp34.47 MB
/Best of Da Gangsta/14 - Crank Dis Bitch Up.mp35.60 MB
/Breakin da Law/01 - Intro.mp3239.51 KB
/Breakin da Law/02 - Chronic City Funkytown.mp33.79 MB
/Breakin da Law/03 - Tire Shop.mp36.85 MB
/Breakin da Law/04 - I'm Gangsta Blac.mp34.23 MB
/Breakin da Law/05 - Insane.mp34.33 MB
/Breakin da Law/06 - Shout Outs.mp35.07 MB
/Breakin da Law/07 - Wreckless Klan.mp37.14 MB
/Breakin da Law/08 - Up & Coming.mp3341.14 KB
/Breakin da Law/09 - Victim Of The Shit.mp39.62 MB
/Breakin da Law/10 - Killaz From South Parkway (Remix).mp35.87 MB
/Breakin da Law/11 - Outro.mp31.26 MB
/Can it Be/01 - Up And Comin's.mp31.15 MB
/Can it Be/02 - I'm Blowin Up.mp31.85 MB
/Can it Be/03 - Powder.mp34.38 MB
/Can it Be/04 - Gettin Real Buck.mp36.26 MB
/Can it Be/05 - Ain't No Love.mp33.93 MB
/Can it Be/06 - Down Wit S. P. V..mp34.22 MB
/Can it Be/07 - My Click So Thick.mp34.89 MB
/Can it Be/08 - A Couple Of Jackers.mp34.74 MB
/Can it Be/09 - V-Dog And Da Gangsta.mp34.18 MB
/Can it Be/10 - Where I Dwell.mp35.87 MB
/Can it Be/11 - Da Connect.mp31.12 MB
/Can it Be/12 - Don't Trust 'Em.mp35.69 MB
/Can it Be/13 - Ain't No Yhang (Radio).mp34.80 MB
/Can it Be/14 - Wanna Guess (Radio).mp37.10 MB
/Can it Be/15 - Can It Be.mp34.93 MB
/Can it Be/16 - Critical.mp35.75 MB
/Can it Be/17 - Tire Shop.mp36.86 MB
/Can it Be/18 - Life's A Bitc.mp34.72 MB
/Can it Be/19 - Crank Dis Bitch Up.mp35.61 MB
/Can it Be/20 - Blaze Up Anotha One.mp34.90 MB
/Can it Be/21 - Up And Comin's (Part 2).mp31.25 MB
/Can it Be/22 - Funky Town.mp36.89 MB
/Can it Be/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2.52 KB
/Can it Be/AlbumArt_{F2E99EFA-0412-4CDA-8B94-467CB8AB1961}_Large.jpg10.58 KB
/Can it Be/AlbumArt_{F2E99EFA-0412-4CDA-8B94-467CB8AB1961}_Small.jpg2.52 KB
/Can it Be/Folder.jpg10.58 KB
/Can it Be/b000003l77.01._scmzzzzzzz_[1].jpg6.92 KB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/01 - Intro (Ft Jack Frost).mp32.41 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/02 - Think It Over (Ft Rap H.mp36.63 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/03 - Doggin (Ft Lil Jon And .mp36.48 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/04 - Ass In (Ft Rap Hustlaz).mp36.89 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/05 - Turn Tha Light On (Ft D.mp39.60 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/06 - Livin Like A Hustla (Ft.mp35.34 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/07 - Blood Stains.mp36.85 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/08 - Thats What Niggas Do (F.mp36.37 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/09 - Balls And My Word (Ft J.mp35.90 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/10 - Oh Shit.mp37.39 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/11 - Whats Up.mp37.02 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/12 - Boys Down Here (Ft Hays.mp35.71 MB
/Da Mayor & Da Pimp/13 - Cocked And Ready (Ft Mi.mp313.54 MB
/Da Underground King/01 - Undaground King.mp37.55 MB
/Da Underground King/02 - Da Mayor.mp37.47 MB
/Da Underground King/03 - Good Man.mp35.67 MB
/Da Underground King/04 - Fight.mp34.47 MB
/Da Underground King/05 - Grimmy.mp35.93 MB
/Da Underground King/06 - Code Red.mp36.43 MB
/Da Underground King/07 - Da Truth.mp36.70 MB
/Da Underground King/08 - Shot.mp36.90 MB
/Da Underground King/09 - Sap Sucka.mp36.38 MB
/Da Underground King/10 - Gangsta Blac.mp35.09 MB
/Da Underground King/11 - What Ya Think.mp35.42 MB
/Da Underground King/12 - Get Da Fuck.mp36.16 MB
/Da Underground King/13 - My Shit.mp35.85 MB
/Da Underground King/14 - Kinfolk.mp36.14 MB
/Da Underground King/15 - Taylor Made.mp36.23 MB
/Da Underground King/16 - 45.mp35.65 MB
/Da Underground King/17 - Skit 2.mp33.58 MB
/Down South Flava/01 - Somebody.mp33.81 MB
/Down South Flava/02 - Nobody Crosses Me.mp36.96 MB
/Down South Flava/03 - 2 N Da Morn.mp36.22 MB
/Down South Flava/04 - Tell 'Em Wassup.mp35.94 MB
/Down South Flava/05 - What Can I Say.mp36.98 MB
/Down South Flava/06 - Gitty Up 'Bout Ya Hog.mp34.87 MB
/Down South Flava/07 - Don't Give A Fuck.mp34.38 MB
/Down South Flava/08 - World'z Thickest Click.mp36.59 MB
/Down South Flava/09 - Cowardz In The South.mp310.33 MB
/Down South Flava/10 - Run Up On It.mp35.18 MB
/Down South Flava/11 - South In Ya Mouth.mp34.23 MB
/Down South Flava/12 - Shake 'Em Off.mp37.35 MB
/Down South Flava/13 - Do You Hear Me.mp35.60 MB
/Down South Flava/14 - On It All (featuring Cool Bee & Taylor Made).mp33.50 MB
/Down South Flava/15 - T.A.Y.L.O.R. Made Nigga.mp34.47 MB
/Down South Flava/16 - Gettin Reel Buck.mp34.88 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/01 - Intro.mp31.42 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/02 - In Da Beginning.mp312.58 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/03 - Xtra Xtra.mp37.29 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/04 - Sth. Mem..mp36.51 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/05 - Down Wit Clique.mp36.46 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/06 - Write Sum Bump.mp36.55 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/07 - I Am Da Gangsta.mp35.51 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/08 - Da Hymn.mp35.80 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/09 - Scared Of Me.mp37.39 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/10 - Keep It Reel.mp36.22 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/11 - No Moe.mp36.13 MB
/I Am Da Gangsta/12 - Da End.mp34.45 MB
/Self Titled/01 - (Intro).mp3853.59 KB
/Self Titled/02 - My House.mp36.21 MB
/Self Titled/03 - Tell 'Em Where Ya From.mp35.36 MB
/Self Titled/04 - Came Into Da Game.mp35.01 MB
/Self Titled/05 - Beat Da Brakez.mp35.93 MB
/Self Titled/06 - Hate Me Badd.mp35.75 MB
/Self Titled/07 - Beef.mp35.44 MB
/Self Titled/08 - Fly & Blac.mp34.64 MB
/Self Titled/09 - Crank Dis Bitch.mp33.75 MB
/Self Titled/10 - WAR.mp35.78 MB
/Self Titled/11 - Gone Lay It Down.mp35.41 MB
/Self Titled/12 - Hard But Itz Fair.mp35.58 MB
/Self Titled/13 - South Park & South Pound.mp35.96 MB
/Self Titled/14 - Talk About It.mp36.54 MB
/Self Titled/15 - In Da Club.mp36.22 MB
/Self Titled/16 - Head Low.mp35.86 MB
/Self Titled/17 - Gangsta Walk.mp34.84 MB
/Self Titled/18 - Who Car'd.mp36.27 MB
/Self Titled/19 - Talk 2 Me Now.mp35.70 MB
/Self Titled/20 - Da End.mp33.05 MB
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