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Filename: Native American Indian Radio Stream ( 2006-August-09 ).torrent
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2006-08-12 00:30:07 - 401 weeks 5 days 7 hours 15 minutes ago
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/AIRO Tatanka Coming to America.mp32.56 MB
/Arvel Bird Arvel Bird Live Sunkmahnitu Tonka (Wolf).mp32.15 MB
/Arvel Bird Arvel Bird Live Wanblee (Eagle).mp32.89 MB
/Bluedog From All Directions Fireflies.mp32.07 MB
/Bob Conti Evening With Sitting Bull The Northern Plains.mp32.06 MB
/Drew Lacapa A One Night Stand In Paradise Hot Water-Tortilla Making Fool.mp35.52 MB
/Eddie Three Eagles Red, White Blue Red, White and Blue.mp31.54 MB
/Gary LaCorte Steve Brown Musical Philanthropy Over the Rainbow.mp32.09 MB
/Jim Beer The River A Tribute To Hawk Little John Song For Jos-See.mp32.77 MB
/Jim Boyd Going To The Stick Games Stick Game Bules.mp31.35 MB
/Joanne Shenandoah Convenant 100 Winters.mp32.08 MB
/Kimberly Dawn Healing Jane The Weight's In You Eyes.mp31.71 MB
/Koljademo Destined Love Traveler Rattlesnake Dirt Kick Spirit W.mp32.83 MB
/Laura Satterfield Dirty Velevt Lie Straight Cream.mp31.74 MB
/Lorrie Church I Never Gave Up Hope Let Me Go.mp31.35 MB
/Marc Brown The Blues Crew Lonely Hearts My Destiny.mp32.24 MB
/Martha Redbone Home Of The Brave Sarsaparilla.mp31.54 MB
/Mary Karlzen The War That Made America The Story Of The French And Indian War War Breaks Out.mp31.44 MB
/Michael Jacobs Sacred Nation promised land.mp32.62 MB
/Mishi Donovan The Spirit Within Bartender's Song.mp31.75 MB
/National Wildlife Federation Wolves The Whole Night Sky.mp31.76 MB
/Ogemabenez A Spirits Moment Morning Star.mp31.77 MB
/Peter Kater R Carlos Nakai Honorable Sky Gathering Of Souls.mp32.16 MB
/R Carlos Nakai People of Peace E'she'no.mp32.56 MB
/R Carlos Nakai William Eato Carry The Gift Carry The Gift.mp32.79 MB
/Raining in My Heart Raining in My Heart Track 12.mp33.52 MB
/Rob Gonzalez Siyotanka Soon the Sky.mp32.17 MB
/Ron Warren Dancing the Full Moon Flying By.mp32.45 MB
/Ruben Romero Robert Tree Cod NJative Brotherhood Three Rivers.mp32.76 MB
/Silverbird World Peace Children Live On.mp32.20 MB
/Souls On Monday Demo No One.mp31.52 MB
/Steel River Arianna Rain Life.mp32.13 MB
/The Great Cherokee Children Massacre at Ywahoo Falls.pdf131.32 KB
/Tonemah One in Every Crowd Pow Wow Snag.mp31.06 MB
/Various ArtistsChante Pierce Music From Turtle Island Way Of The World.mp32.25 MB
/Various ArtistsDoug Moran Music From Turtle Island Freedom's Flight.mp31.82 MB
/VariousVerdell Primeaux Rain Fire Grandfather's Prayer.mp31.54 MB
/Vince Converse One Step Ahead Someone Else Instead.mp32.19 MB
/Voices of the Creator's Childr Cherokee National Children's C One Drop of Blood.mp31.34 MB
/Wade Fernandez Song of the Black Wolf Discovering America.mp33.34 MB
/Wallace Gladstone with Jack Gladstone Blackfeet Storysmith Disc 2 Wally vs The Kid Off The USS Bunker Hill.mp32.22 MB
/chants spiritual/Al Jewer River Crossing Golden Bird Duet.mp31.19 MB
/chants spiritual/Al Jewer River Crossing Princess in the Morning.mp31.12 MB
/chants spiritual/Big City Indians Native Heart, Urban Soul Dreams.mp32.03 MB
/chants spiritual/Bryan Akipa The Flute Player Cherished Grandmother.mp33.51 MB
/chants spiritual/Casper Loma-da-wa The Sounds of Reality How the West Was Won - featuri.mp31.73 MB
/chants spiritual/Cody Yxayotl Crossroads Procession of the Jaguar Kings.mp31.21 MB
/chants spiritual/Corn Smoke Comet Tales Corn Smoke Fever.mp32.58 MB
/chants spiritual/Cornel Pewewardy Spirit Journey Sky Prayer.mp31.63 MB
/chants spiritual/Coyote Oldman Landscape Two Rivers.mp33.09 MB
/chants spiritual/Coyote Zen Medicine Dog Eagle and Coyote.mp32.02 MB
/chants spiritual/David CarsonMikePrimeaux Sacred Ground A Tribute to Mother Earth Let Us Dance Song of the Elders.mp32.40 MB
/chants spiritual/Dean Evenson-Tom Barabas A Gift For Mother Great Is Thy Faith.mp32.79 MB
/chants spiritual/Douglas Spotted Eagle Voices Beautiful, She Becomes (Kii'na.mp31.97 MB
/chants spiritual/Eagle Dreams Bryan Akipa Children At Play.mp32.52 MB
/chants spiritual/Era Sacredness Spirit nation.mp32.71 MB
/chants spiritual/Estun-Bah Melodies of the Cane Flute Vol 2 Native Serenade.mp32.11 MB
/chants spiritual/Gale Liquid Visions Hail To The Father.mp33.24 MB
/chants spiritual/Gale Revilla Day of the Wolf Yunaa'syu isaa'.mp34.37 MB
/chants spiritual/George Tyler The Keeper Track01.mp32.27 MB
/chants spiritual/George Tyler The Keeper Track12.mp31.37 MB
/chants spiritual/Grossstadtindianer Grossstadtindianer Just another Situation.mp32.65 MB
/chants spiritual/Howard Lyons Spirit Walk Weyo Ho.mp31.97 MB
/chants spiritual/Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach A New Day Kokeplli's Vision.mp31.54 MB
/chants spiritual/Jan Seiden Woodland Winds Calling Out.mp33.44 MB
/chants spiritual/Jeff Ball Reverence Dog Days of Summer.mp32.32 MB
/chants spiritual/Jeff Ball Reverence No Goodbyes.mp31.31 MB
/chants spiritual/Jim Boyd Going To The Stick Games Stick Gamin'.mp31.53 MB
/chants spiritual/Joanne Shenandoah Warrior In Two Worlds Buffalo Creek Treaty.mp3840.61 KB
/chants spiritual/John Trudell Blue Indians Angel of Sin.mp31.72 MB
/chants spiritual/John Two-Hawks Heal Daybreak.mp32.02 MB
/chants spiritual/John Two-Hawks Heal Trail of Tears.mp31.83 MB
/chants spiritual/John Two-Hawks Honor Honor.mp31.64 MB
/chants spiritual/Joseph Fire Crow Red Beads Intertribal War Dance Song.mp32.23 MB
/chants spiritual/Joseph Fire Crow Red Beads Ne-me'hotatse.mp31.88 MB
/chants spiritual/Joseph Fire Crow Red Beads Summer Changes The Heart.mp31.52 MB
/chants spiritual/Keola BeamerR Carlos Nakai Our Beloved Land Ke Ao Nani (The Beautiful World).mp31.80 MB
/chants spiritual/Louie Gonnie Sacred Mountains Dibe Nstaa.mp31.64 MB
/chants spiritual/Marina Raye Blissful Journey Playing on the Wind.mp33.32 MB
/chants spiritual/NAKAI Emergence Songs Of The Rainbow World- Bl.mp31.90 MB
/chants spiritual/Paul HornR Carlos Nakai In Beauty, We Return Eye of the Wind.mp31.69 MB
/chants spiritual/R Carlos NakaiWind Travelin' Band In Beauty, We Return Kamui.mp31.71 MB
/chants spiritual/Radmilla Cody Voices Across the Canyon - Vol 6 The Return Home.mp31.50 MB
/chants spiritual/Raymond Redfeater Cedar Roots Happy Tears.mp31.36 MB
/chants spiritual/Robert Tree Coddy and Marvia Edwards Voices Across the Canyon - Vol 6 Maze.mp31.40 MB
/chants spiritual/Ronald Roybal Blue Corn, Red Earth Dream Warrior.mp32.09 MB
/chants spiritual/Sacred Spirit Chants and Dances of the Nativ Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya - The counte.mp32.39 MB
/chants spiritual/Steve Gordon Drum Prayer Way of the Sahman.mp34.47 MB
/chants spiritual/Terry Lee Whetstone Heart Song Speaking Winds.mp31.23 MB
/chants spiritual/Tommy Wildcat Pow-Wow Flutes Indian Confederacy.mp34.15 MB
/chants spiritual/Tree Cody Hovia Edwards Reflections Young Eagle's Flight - Tree Co.mp32.05 MB
/chants spiritual/Various Bears - Original Soundtrack Re Chris' Theme.mp31.39 MB
/chants spiritual/Various Artists Under One Sky Flying Free.mp33.30 MB
/chants spiritual/Various ArtistsBuddy Red Bow Music From Turtle Island Standing Alone.mp32.39 MB
/chants spiritual/VariousDelbert Blackhorse Rain Fire Ahee Ja Wanne Ja Noh.mp31.78 MB
/chants spiritual/VariousTanya Brown Rain Fire Rain Fire.mp31.95 MB
/chants spiritual/VariousThunderhorse Singers Rain Fire Thunder Country.mp31.64 MB
/chants spiritual/William Two Feather Indigenous Trance Dance Bird Song.mp33.30 MB
/chants spiritual/Yarina Forever - Por Siempre Hello.mp31.85 MB
/chants spiritual/charlie wayne waking spirit cheyenne's song.mp32.28 MB
/cherokee language/Are you Indian.mp332.24 KB
/cherokee language/Cherokee_Syllabary.png138.16 KB
/cherokee language/How old are you.mp335.92 KB
/cherokee language/I am fine.mp316.33 KB
/cherokee language/Iamhungry.mp324.08 KB
/cherokee language/Itsgoingtorain.mp320.41 KB
/cherokee language/What's your name.mp324.08 KB
/cherokee language/Whattribeareyoufrom.mp332.24 KB
/cherokee language/animals.mp3295.92 KB
/cherokee language/banner_una.gif8.51 KB
/cherokee language/birds_group_1.mp3297.96 KB
/cherokee language/birds_group_2.mp3392.45 KB
/cherokee language/birds_group_3.mp3372.04 KB
/cherokee language/bison.jpg2.59 KB
/cherokee language/buffalo.txt12.63 KB
/cherokee language/cherokee.gif21.54 KB
/cherokee language/cherokee_nation_towns.mp3415.92 KB
/cherokee language/days.mp3222.45 KB
/cherokee language/fox2.jpg5.19 KB
/cherokee language/hello.mp316.33 KB
/cherokee language/months.mp3348.98 KB
/cherokee language/ndn_cartoon.mov9.58 MB
/cherokee language/numbers.mp3252.65 KB
/cherokee language/plants_group_1.mp3501.63 KB
/cherokee language/trees_group_2.mp3370.00 KB
/cherokee language/webdemodsl_cable_med.mov17.45 MB
/cherokee language/wounded knee.txt1.34 KB
/cherokee the murder of women and children.rtf118.65 KB
/qua-ti-si Buffalo Buffalo.mp32.33 MB
/red rhythm band gotta have your love don't go that way.mp31.98 MB
/songs/Annie Humphrey Edge of America Edge of America.mp32.14 MB
/songs/Annie HumphreyJohn Trudell The Makoch Masters Spirit Horses.mp31.69 MB
/songs/Arvel Bird Arvel Bird Live Turtle and Bear Totems Story.mp31.71 MB
/songs/Cannes Brulees Raising Cane Waters of Life.mp32.29 MB
/songs/Carlos Reynosa wiseman sixties.mp32.27 MB
/songs/Darren Geffre Uncivilized We Can Turn This Around (Geffr.mp31.35 MB
/songs/David Lohnes Jr Dakota Skies I Was The One.mp31.45 MB
/songs/Eagle Hawk Mother Earth Sundancer.mp31.99 MB
/songs/Gourd Woman-Eagle Heart The Elders Speak The Spiderman and the Giant.mp34.65 MB
/songs/Jim Boyd Kyo-T Jim Boyd Kyo-T Live As Time goes By.mp32.01 MB
/songs/Jimmy Lee Young Maya Man In Love.mp31.96 MB
/songs/John Holenko Conversely My Own House.mp31.33 MB
/songs/Keith Secola Native Americana A Coup Stick SOS(same ole' song).mp31.63 MB
/songs/Keith Secola Native Americana A Coup Stick canadian National.mp31.68 MB
/songs/Keith Secola and Wild Band of Fingermonkey Talk About You.mp32.82 MB
/songs/RCarlos Nakai Mythic Dreamer Corn Grinding Song.mp31.18 MB
/songs/Rights of Passage Spirit Seeker Snake Story.mp32.77 MB
/the9 the9 Ruff Masters Don't Bleed Me.mp31.48 MB
/towers.pdf1.14 MB
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